How To Create A YouTube Channel Banner Using Canva

If you want to brand your YouTube Channel identity and give your channel home page a unique look then I suggest using Canva to create your channel banner.

Canva is a free online tool for editing graphics. Once you’ve created it your channel banner will adjust in size so it will display correctly on TVs, Mobile Phones and desktop computers.

Watch the video below

  • First you want to go to and here’s the home page where you can sign up with Facebook, Google or Email.
  • Click “login”
  • You want to click on “More”
  • And here you’ve got all different templates
  • You’ve got popular design types, Social media posts, Documents, Blogging and Ebooks, Marketing Materials, Social Media and Email Headers and here is the YouTube Chanel Art Template
  • Click on YouTube Chanel Art Template
  • And here you’ve got a whole bunch of images that you can choose from
  • You can also search for images, such as “dogs” and “mountain scenery”
  • I like beaches so I search for “beaches”
  • You’ve got a lot of images here that are free
    but you also have ones you have have to pay for
  • I’m going to select this free image.
  • Then you can just drag it until it fills up the space
  • I can add elements to it if I wish
  • I can add text
  • You can have a different background
  • Or you can upload your own images but for now
    we are just going to go with text
  • Give it a can highlight that, change
    the color and bold it, or center it
  • I can also change the size and change the color
  • I can move the image around
  • I can expand the image if I wish
  • Next you want to download the template
    from YouTube by going to this website…
  • And here it says create or edit channel art
  • It gives you the guidelines for the channel art
  • And here it says “if you’re not sure about the width or height of an image, download the our Channel Art Templates”.
  • Now go back to canva and we are going to upload our channel art template
  • Go to uploads…upload your own go to the
    channel art template and upload the template
  • On canva it puts it over the top of the image we are trying to create
  • Then we just expand the template to cover our image
  • And then what we do is click on this drop down arrow
  • Go to transparency and bring the transparency down so you can just see the template through your image
  • So you can see that the title is going to actually appear on the banner
  • Ok once we’ve got the image right .. we can just download it by clicking “download”
  • I’m going to download it as a jpg instead of png
  • It says “Hold tight, preparing your design”
  • Go back to my YouTube channel
  • Click “edit channel art”
  • So go back to my computer again
  • The PNG is 6.9MB which is over 4MB that is why it is too large
  • videosdoneforyou.jpg is 3.2MB so it’s under 4MB so that should be fine
  • Click’s uploading
  • Here is desktop, tv and mobile
  • Click select
  • Here you’ve got your banner titled..”videos done for you”
  • It’s not perfect but it will do for now
  • If you want to add a photo of yourself or change your channel icon
    watch this video tutorial

Now you know how to create a YouTube Channel Banner Using Canva

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