How To Create An End Screen for YouTube To Increase Watch Time

YouTube rewards channel owners that keep viewers watching more of their videos. The BIG problem is that YouTube defaults to showing unrelated videos at the end of your own video. This prevents viewers from continually engaging with your own content. The solution to this problem is to create an end screen. This is sometimes called an outro, end slate or end card.

What’s an End Screen?
An end screen suggests related videos at the end of the video a viewer has just watched. This increases engagement and improves your video rankings in the search engines.

Here’s how to create a custom end screen for your YouTube video:

Watch the video below..

Go to
Go to the Pixlr editor
Click launch web app
Click create image
Name your it “end screen”
From the pre-set drop down box select movie 1080p
Click OK
Here’s our white background
I’m going to change the color of that background
So go to the drawing tool and just drag it down over the background image
Now I’ll change the color so I go down here to the color picker
Change it to red
Click the red
Click OK
Then go to the paint bucket
Click the middle and here you’ve got the red background
Now we want to create the boxes on the background image
So we go up to layer – new layer
Click on the drawing tool over here
Create a large box at the top
And if we click on the move tool, you can move the box anywhere we like
Now we want to put three boxes down the bottom
Click on layer – new layer
Drawing tool
Put a little box down here
Move that around by clicking on the move tool so it aligns with the top box
Then just create another box beside it
So we go to layer – duplicate layer
Just move that over here
You might want to make another box so we go to layer – duplicate layer
Put another box here then we can just spread it out
So we got our layers so we can click on the move tool
Adjust the boxes accordingly
OK we’ve got all our boxes done
Now we want to create a subscribe image
Go to the drawing tool again
Go to layer – new layer
Click the drawing tool
Go to the rounded rectangle tool, elipse tool or line tool
So we are going to use the rounded rectangle tool
Put a subscribe image in here
We’re going to move that over
Click move tool…move it over a little bit
Change the color..change it to this color
Click the paint bucket
Position it on the on that changes to yellow
Now we want to put some text in there
Let’s go to our text tool
Click this icon
Click in the middle and enter our text…subscribe here
We want to make that black…move the color picker to the black
Click ok..I want to enlarge that
Change the style to it
Click OK
Now we’ve got our end screen template
Go to file – save
First we are going to save it as a layered pixel image PXD file so we can customize it
Click OK
Save this to the endscreen.pxd
Also save your end screen as a jpeg so you can add it to the end of your YouTube videos

That’s it!

Now you know how to make a custom end screen
for YouTube to increase watch time.

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