How To Customize Your Word Press Blog – Upgrading

This is the first of a number of posts on “What I did to customize my Word Press Blog“… I initially searched through hundreds of templates (including the ones that come with the default installation) but was not impressed enough to use any of them Finally I decided to grab the laila theme and customize it to suit my needs. It appealed to me because of its elegant design.

Upgrade your installation

It pays to check what version of Word Press you install, particularly if you installed it from your host using Fantastico. My version was an old one…version 2.0 so I upgraded it to 2.02.

You can check what version you currently have by logging in and clicking on Dashboard. At the bottom you will read what version of Word Press you currently have.

You have 2 options to upgrade:

1. Do a complete reinstallation. This means you delete all your current files then upload all the new files of the latest version. This is what I chose to do because it gives you a clean install and you don’t have to sort out what files to keep and which ones to delete.

Here’s the Documentation for Word Press Installation

2. Installation upgrade. This only applies if you don’t already have a blog or are just creating one. If you’ve already created your blog and have customized it according to your needs, then don’t do a clean installation.

Here’s the Documentation for Upgrading Word Press

Keep in mind that upgrades for Word Press occur from time to time, often because of security bugs that were found, therefore always keep a back up of your current installation before upgrading.

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