How To Do Keyword Research For YouTube Videos

Optimizing your videos for the correct keywords is essential if you want your videos to be found in the search engines and get free traffic. If you get this wrong you’ll create videos that never rank resulting in lost traffic and subscribers.

So how do you research the correct keywords for YouTube videos?

Watch the video below

Step 1.
1. Find keywords that people are searching for.

  • Go to YouTube and type in your main keyword.
  • In this case I’m putting in “motorized bicycle”
  • You can see the different suggestions that YouTube comes up with.
  • Another tool that you can use for this is Ubersuggest
  • So put in “motorized bicycle”
  • Click “suggest”
  • And here’s all the keywords that Ubersuggest spits out
  • So you’ve got the keywords for “a” keyword suggestions
    for “b” keyword suggestions for “c’
  • You can check all these keywords that you find
  • Click “view as text’ then you can just copy them all and
    place them in a spreadsheet or in Google Docs

Step 2.
Enter your keywords in Google’s Keyword Planner Tool

  • To do that go to Google AdWords – Tools – Keyword Planner
  • Click “search for new keywords”
  • Put your keyword phrase in there
  • Then just click “get ideas”
  • Then click “keyword ideas”
  • Here you have your keywords by relevance
  • You’ve got average monthly searches , suggested bid
  • Say for instance I’ve got “motorized bicycle” here
  • It’s got 1600 searches per month and people are paying
    65 cents to advertise in Google Adwords
  • So just click this icon here
  • And it even shows you the bid range, number of clicks and cost
  • So I can just check a number of these…electric
    bike and electric motorcycle
  • You can just copy these to the clipboard
  • Then you can put them in a spreadsheet
  • Motorized bicycle gets 27,100 average searches
  • I put that in my excel spreadsheet

Step 3.
Enter your keyword in YouTube search

  • So I put motorized bicycle in here
  • Click search
  • And you can see there’s a ton of videos for that
  • And there’s about 20,500 results
  • So there are a higher number of searches than search results in YouTube

Step. 4
Create a list of keyword phrases that you’ve researched
So after you’ve got a list of say 20 keywords where there is a high number of searches in Google then the search results in YouTube, then you can create videos for each of those keywords.

Step 5.
Check Google Trends

I go to Google Trends and put my keyword in there to check the trends over time. And here you can see the trends over time of that particular keyword and also the regional interest…seems like mostly Australia.

Step 6.
Track the rankings of keywords that you’ve
researched & created videos for.

One of the tools you can use for tracking rankings is Pro Rank Tracker.

That’s it!

Now you know how to do keyword research for your YouTube videos.

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