How To Evaluate Your YouTube Channel

Do you want to grow your YouTube channel,
and get more views and subscribers?

There are so many factors that make a successful channel, that’s difficult to know which one you should focus on to get the most growth. In the video below, I’m going to evaluate the 4 main elements of my current YouTube channel so you can evaluate your own channel and make the necessary changes, to boost your own channel growth.

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Here are the 4 main elements to evaluate
your own YouTube channel.

1. Channel Art

If I look at my channel banner it clearly states what my channel is all about, and also includes my website address. I think it could be improved by including the upload schedule. I could also do with a more professional design with some more graphics in it.

Next is the channel trailer. I’ve got a trailer named..”Get more traffic and leads on YouTube.” It’s very prominent. This is for new visitors. I’ve got( in my video) “to subscribe to my channel to receive new video tutorials every week” that could be improved by mentioning specific days of the week. I’ve got “to download my free report, YouTube editing secrets.” That could be changed to a new report.

Next to my video I have text that says..”I upload new video tutorials every Monday and Wednesday, make sure you’re subscribed to my channel.” I could probably change that to why you should subscribe. The channel trailer video should summarize what your channel is all about.

For returning subscribers, I’ve got a video on, “How to advertise on YouTube for beginners.” This is a featured video. If I click the edit button, then I can feature a video or playlist so I can select a different video for the featured video. Also, I can choose a latest upload or a latest activity. I might want to change the featured video to something else that’s more relatable, because this is two years old.

I’ve also got a picture of myself as a channel icon. If I hover over the pencil I can actually edit the channel icon and upload a different photo. This appears on my Google Plus account. I can probably replace it with an updated photo.

I’ve also got channel banner links here, “21 ways to get free traffic is my lead magnet. I also have my social media links. If you want to change these links, you can just click on the pencil icon. I can edit my channel art or I can edit the links.

2. About Page

You’ve got up to 5 custom links that can be put on your channel banner. I’ve got the lead magnet. I’ve got the Facebook group. I’ve got a tip jar, Twitter and subscribe. You also want to add an email address in case you want businesses to contact you, and you definitely want to include a description for your channel. You also have the option of adding featured channels and related channels.

3. Sections

I have a number of sections on the home page. I’ve got YouTube channel growth, keyword research, how to rank videos, how to get more subscribers, how to make money, how to master YouTube advertising, and how to create clickable YouTube thumbnails and live streaming.

If you want to add a section, just click on, “add a section”. You can select the content. I suggest adding a playlist. You can add popular uploads, multiple playlists, but I’d suggest add a single playlist then you can choose horizontal row or vertical list. I’d suggest adding a title and a description for each of your playlists.

To edit a playlist, you just go up to playlists. For instance, I’ve got YouTube channel growth here. I’ve got the title to my playlist, a thumbnail from a playlist and also I’ve got a description. These are all the videos in my playlist. I can change these if I hover over “more”. I can move any playlists to the top or to the bottom. I can add notes, and I can set a playlist thumbnail.

I can also optimize the playlist settings, so I can set it as an official series for this playlist.

If you don’t see links under your channel banner especially if it’s a new channel, then you want to activate the channel layout. Click on the cog icon, then make sure that the slider is moved to the right, so customize the layout of your channel. To show the discussion tab, make sure that’s it’s also to the right.

4. Video SEO

If we look at your videos, make sure you have a good title includes your keywords. Make sure the first few lines summarize what your video is about, because this is what viewers will see when they first see your video. They won’t see the rest of your description. If you want to include a link to a lead magnet, then also include this in your description and put it in the first three lines. The rest of the description you can include a paragraph that says “share this video with your friends.” You can also add related videos, include your playlists, invite people to subscribe, and add your social media links. You might also want to include a disclaimer, if you have any affiliate links.

For tags, if you want to include your main title in the first tag then use related keyword phrases in your other tags. Make sure you also include your channel username in one of your tags. Your video will show up in suggested videos. The start of your video should grab viewers’ attention right away. I’ve added a text box here…”How do you remove the background but keep the original image” to stimulate people to check out the rest of the video? Once you finish the introduction, go straight into the meat of the video. Also, include card or cards throughout the video to encourage interaction.

In this video, I’ve also included a card that invites people to download my lead magnet, the video upload checklist. Then at the end I’ve added an end card that invites people to check out my other videos and also subscribe to my channel. Before your video goes live, add a custom thumbnail. Make the design of your thumbnails very similar by having clear bold text and maybe a picture of yourself. As you can see here it looks very congruent on my homepage and also on the playlist page. Also, when people watch my playlist they can see all the similar thumbnails here.

Also before you publish a video, you might want to upload a transcription. If you go to subtitle or CC, you can just click add new subtitles or CC or English automatic. Here if I click on English and click edit, then you can see I’ve edited the automatic transcription of my video. This helps people who can’t see or hear your video to still understand the content.

Here are 3 important things to keep in mind.

1. Know your target audience
Research the topics that your audience wants to watch.

2. Be consistent
Make sure you upload videos on a consistent basis. I’ve been uploading two new videos every week for a couple of years.

3. Continue to evaluate your channel and make improvements.
Check your analytics to watch your real-time views.
Check your watch time, audience retention, demographics and traffic resources.

Now, you know the steps to evaluate your own YouTube channel to boost its growth and get more views and subscribers. Click the card Download my YouTube channel evaluation worksheet. You’ll receive a step-by-step checklist that will help you evaluate your own YouTube channel. You’ll also get links to specific YouTube tutorials to show you how to make the necessary improvements.

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