How to Get Effective Web Stats for Your Website

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If you’re not monitoring the performance of your website you won’t know how to improve it. For example let’s say you want to increase your Web traffic by 1000 visitors per month and your current traffic count is 1000. You begin a marketing campaign to attract more visitors to your website. If you don’t have a web stats program in place you won’t know if your strategy is making a difference.

Benefits of an effective web stats program

  • Tracks the amount of visitors to your website on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis
  • Tracks which countries visitors are coming from
  • Tracks what browsers, operating systems, search engines people are using to find your website
  • Tracks external links coming into your site
  • Tracks which web pages are receiving the most visitors
  • Tracks which keywords people are using to find your website

3 Effective Web stats analysis tools to monitor your website visitors

1. AW stats

This is a free web log analysis tool that is usually installed on most Web hosting accounts. Many site owners are not aware this tool is included in their web hosting plan. Check with your web hosting provider to see if it (or a similar log stats program) comes with your plan. AW stats is a comprehensive web log analysis tool that monitors unique visitors, number of visits, number of hits, number of pages accessed, amount of bandwidth used and includes all the benefits mentioned above.

2. Google analytics

If your web host does not provide statistics for your website create a Google analytics account and insert the code on your web pages. It is a comprehensive analytics program that monitors how many visitors your website received, where they came from and traffic sources they used to find your site.

3. Stat counter

This is a free hit counter (Google “stat counter”) you can install on your web pages to provide real-time statistics. You simply copy and paste the code they provide into the HTML code of your pages. You have the option of the counter being visible or invisible. The visible option can be viewed by all your visitors while the invisible option can only be accessed by yourself.

Make a plan to increase the amount of traffic to your website by beginning a marketing campaign. Make a note of the current number of visits your website is receiving then monitor your web stats throughout the campaign. This will give you a good indication if your marketing strategy is working successfully.

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