How to Increase Google Page Rank by Optimizing Your Web Site’s Design

Part 1

One highly effective method for attracting more web traffic
is to first optimize the design of your web site. This will
increase your Google page rank because search engines love sites
that have clean code, are fast loading and contain lots of
well written content. This ultimately results in gaining
traffic which leads to more sales, a sign you have
developed a profitable web site.

10 highly effective ways to increase Google Page Rank by
optimizing your web site’s design.

1. Do the necessary keyword research so your web copy is
filled with words that visitors enter in the search
engines. Weave these words throughout the content of your
web site.

2. Create meta tags that include your targeted keywords.
Make sure you write an attractive description for your
description meta tag. It’s what visitors will read first
when they have find your site in the search engines. If the
description does not capture your visitors attention
immediately you will lose your visitor to a competing web

3. Create a meaningful Title tag. The title tag is what
visitors will see at the top of the browser window when
your site first appears. It is the most important tag to
consider when designing your web site. Place your main
keywords at the beginning of the title tag. Don’t place you
site’s name first. Most visitors will not be searching for
your site name. They find you with the keywords they
entered in the search engines.

4. Use heading tags for the headings and sub headings of
your web site content. Incorporate your keywords in these
tags. Search engines give a little more weight to these
tags. They also grab your visitors attention faster than
normal text.

5. Name files using your targeted keywords. When naming
your css, image, javascript files etc, include your
targeted keywords. Don’t overdo it by using the same
keywords for every file. It may be flagged as keyword
spamming by the search engines.


  1. This is the way things should be, get off what we are on now

  2. Don’t overdo it by using the same
    keywords for every file.
    I would like to know the density of the number of appropriate keywords

  3. Daphne…regarding keyword density, I don’t over analyze the number of keywords I insert on a page. I just make sure I include them naturally throughout my web copy (especially in the first paragraph)so the content makes sense to my readers.

  4. I see you already know a lot about the online stuff – Yeah, I had a look at your blog and procrastinated there for a while 🙂


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