How to Market Your Blog and Increase Web Traffic (Part 3)

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Top 12 Ways to Market Your Blog and Increase Web Traffic

9. Syndicate your content to other sites

Include icons on your blog that will easily enable visitors to subscribe to your RSS feed with their feed readers.

Here are 3 other ways to syndicate your content to other sites:

Increase web site traffic with JavaScript syndication

Increase web site traffic with PHP syndication

Increase web site traffic using an iFrame

Web traffic will increase in proportion to the number of sites that carry your content. If a heavy traffic site syndicates your content you will see a large boost in traffic.

10. Optimize your blog design.

Customize the design of your blog by enabling permalinks

This displays the title of your post in the URL of that post (as seen in the above URL.) If you integrate searchable keywords
in your title it will show up in the URL. These URLs help your blog get good rankings in the search engines.

Create a Google Site Map

A Google Site Map helps search engines index your content because it will spider links to all the pages in your blog.

12. Answer your blog comments

Enable your blog to receive comments. Be sure to answer the comments people leave at the bottom of your post because you respect the time they took to reply. It will help you to create online friends and partnerships which ultimately will result in more traffic.


If you are consistent in adding quality content, marketing it to online publishers and build relationships with other sites
you will see a continuous increase in your web site traffic.


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