How To Put Comments On YouTube To Increase Engagement

Comments provide an easy way to engage with other people on YouTube. You can view and contribute to the conversation in the comment section of your video and on the discussion tab of your channel.

Watch this short YouTube video

Here’s how to view your comments:

  • Log into your YouTube channel
  • Click on your profile picture
  • Click on Creator Studio
  • Click on community and here you’ll see all your published comments. You can either remove them, report them as spam or ban them your channel
  • Click on “Held for review”
  • “No comments to display” means no comments are held for review
  • Click on “likely spam”
  • And here you can approve, remove, report as spam or ban comments from your channel

If you want to view the comments from just one video…

  • Click on the drop down box and select the specific video
  • Click “published comments”
  • Now you can manage your comments just from that video
  • You can also go to your video manager
  • Look under ALL COMMENTS
  • Comments you care about will show up first
  • You’ll see comments at the top of the list from people in Google+ circles
  • Comments with many likes and replies will also rank well
  • If you click the drop down box you’ll get the newest comments first
  • With these comments you can also remove them, report spam and abuse or ban them from your channel. You can also like the comments or reply to the comments.

Here’s how to put comments on YouTube:

  • Click on the “share your thoughts” box
  • if you want to share your comment on Google+
  • Click the box “Also share on Google+”
  • If you click on Public you can add people, in your circles, extended circles, following, customers, VIPS
  • If you want to bold your text add an asterisk on each side of your word (*bold*)
  • If you want to italicize your text use the under score, under score again (_italicize_)
  • You can also include a link. The headline of the video will display as a live link.

Here’s how to mention people in your comments to invite them to join the discussion

  • For instance if you add the plus sign then add the person’s name
  • As you type an autocomplete list of people appear and you can select the person you want to mention.
  • Keep in mind you can only mention the people on Google+

Now you know how to put comments on YouTube…how to view them, how to post them, how to interact with them and how to moderate your comments.

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