How To Rank In YouTube Browse Features So You Can Get More Views and Subscribers

The top traffic source for newly published videos on my channel is browse features.

What is browse features?
How do you find the videos from browse features?
How do you rank in YouTube browse features so you get more views and subscribers?

Watch the video below to get your answers.

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What is browse features?

This is primarily traffic that comes from your homepage, home screen, subscription feed. Home is what viewers see first when they visit or open the YouTube app. It’s the place where YouTube delivers the most relevant personalized recommendations for each viewer. It’s also a great place where your videos will be found my non-subscribers.

What kind of videos are displayed on the home screen?
YouTube displays videos from their descriptions, from similar viewers, new videos and more.

The selection of videos displayed is based upon two things.

  1. Performance.
    This is how well a video engaged and satisfied similar viewers.
  2. The viewers search and watch history.
    This is how often a viewer watches a channel or topic and how many times YouTube has shown a video to that viewer.

    For example, if I watch a lot of cat videos, YouTube will recommend more cat videos on my home screen. Keep in mind that viewers watch more videos from the subscriptions on their home screen than they do from the subscriptions tab.

    Here’s how to find the traffic for browse features on an individual video.

    – Log to YouTube channel.
    – Click on videos.
    – Select the video you want to find traffic sources for.
    – Click on analytics. On the real-time activity, you can see top traffic sources in the last 48 hours. In this case most of our traffic came from notifications and browse features.
    – If you want to dig deeper, just click on see more,
    – click traffic source and here you can see I got notifications and browse features. Notifications received 313 minutes of watch time. 116 views and average view duration of two minutes and 41 seconds.

    Browse features received 272 minutes of watch time. 102 views, two minutes and 40 seconds of average view duration and 3.4% in impressions click-through rate.
    – If I click on browse features, you can see that most of the watch time, views and average view duration came from subscriptions and the click-through rate was 3.9%.

Let me ask you a question, what is your top traffic source for a newly published video?

Post your answers in the comments below. I’d love to read them and I’m sure others would too.

Subscriptions are also included in browse features. They appear on your home screen and also on the left-hand column on your channel homepage.

How do you get more of your videos to rank in browse features?

  • Keep doing what works.
    When you publish a video and see that most of your traffic is coming from browse features, make more of those types of videos. YouTube says they’ll surface more of what viewers like, so if your previous video attracted a lot of views and subscribers, make more of that type of video.
  • Keep viewers engaged.
    A couple of top-ranking factors of YouTube is audience retention and watch time, so if you can keep viewers engaged longer throughout your video, then your video will do better on the search engines. The longer you keep viewers engaged watching your video, YouTube will surface more of your videos on other people’s channels.

    Another thing you can do to extend the watch time is to make longer videos. If your previous video you got a lot of traffic, make a similar video and make it longer. Make sure that you keep people engaged throughout the video.
  • Create a series or related videos.
    Since watch time is a big ranking factor on YouTube, if you can get people to watch more of your videos, then YouTube will service more of your videos on other people’s channels so you can make your video longer, but you could also create a series of short videos and link them to each other. You can do this by putting their videos in a playlist then linking each video to that playlist. When viewers watch one video, they’ll be inclined to watch more of your videos because they’re all related.
  • Upload on a consistent basis.
    You want to create the expectation for your viewers that they can watch more your videos on a regular basis. Whether you upload once a week, twice a week or three times a week, just make sure it’s consistent so your viewers know what to expect.

    When viewers go to the home screen at or on the YouTube app and see more of your videos every week, they’ll be more inclined to subscribe and become your biggest fans. YouTube will continue to recommend more of your videos on the home screen.

Get more subscribers
Since subscriptions also appear on the home screen, you want to continue getting more subscribers.

Subscribers are viewers who have opted-in to see more of your videos. They tend to be your biggest fans because they’re interested in your content.

When you publish a new video, usually they are the ones that are watching the video first and generate a ton of traffic. They also give you a strong indication where that video is going to take off and if you should do more videos like that.

Just keep in mind that subscribers also see your subscription content on the home screen and in suggested videos.

Click the link in the card to watch my video on how to control suggested videos.

Here are some tips to get more viewers to subscribe to your channel.

  1. Ask viewers to subscribe in your videos.
    Make sure you explain the benefits of why they should subscribe to your channel.
  2. Make more of the video content they wish to watch.
    If you see a video that’s doing well, make more of that type of content.
  3. Make your videos public when you think your viewers will be watching.
    I usually publish my videos in the early morning, so I can get the East Coast crowd when they get up for their morning cup of coffee and the West Coast crowd when they’re having lunch. If most of your traffic comes from a different country, then make sure you publish a video when you think they’ll be available.
  4. Identify the videos that attract the most subscribers on your channel.
    You may find that the videos that attract the most subscribers will have a high click-through rate, high average view duration and high watch time. Make sure you study them so you can repeat the process and get more traffic.
  5. Remind your subscribers to turn on notifications.
    Remind them to receive all your notifications by ringing the bell icon.

Do you want to know my subscriber hack for getting more than 1,000 subscribers on YouTube?

If that’s a yes, watch my next video on how I get over 1,000 subscribers every month on YouTube.

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