How To Share Your YouTube Link On Instagram To Get More Views & Subscribers

Did know that you can add clickable links on Instagram so you can link to a YouTube video or YouTube channel and get more views and subscribers?

In the video below , you’ll discover the top 6 ways to share a YouTube link on Instagram.

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  1. Instagram bio.
    This is the easiest way to create a clickable link on Instagram.
    – Tap your Instagram app,
    – Tap the people icon at the bottom right,
    – Tap add a profile,
    – Tap website.
    Here you can add the URL to your YouTube video, your YouTube channel or a landing page. As you can see I’ve got a clickable link to my landing page. If I tap the link, that takes me to my landing page.
  2. Instagram post.
    You won’t be able to create a clickable link, but you can create a text link. Just make sure that’s easy to remember.
    – Tap the Instagram app,
    – Tap the profile icon.
    If I tap on one of my postsI see a square video I posted to my profile. As you can see I’ve got the title and the captions beneath my video. I’ve got a description. Here’s a link in the description to all the videos on my YouTube channel. It’s a text link that’s easy to read. I also include this link at the end of the actual video.
  3. Instagram TV (IGTV)
    You can add clickable links in the description of an IGTV video. If I tap on one of my IGTV videos on my phone, I see a preview of it in my profile. It says, “Watch the full IGTV video,” so if I tap on that, it’ll take me to my IGTV video.

    The clickable link can easily be seen when viewed from your desktop, but as you can see it’s not easily viewable from your mobile phone.

    What you have to do is tap the arrow at the top of the screen. Now you can see the description, you can see the clickable link and the hashtags. If I tap on the clickable link it takes me to all the videos on my YouTube channel.

    If I tap on the arrow again it will take me back to the video.

    What I highly recommend is to add a call to action at the end of your IGTV video that tells people to click on the arrow at top of the screen.
  4. Swipe up link to IGTV and on Instagram story.
    Just keep in mind that each story only plays for 15 seconds and only lasts for 24 hours. This doesn’t give much time for viewers to react so make sure the call to action is crystal clear.
    – Tap the Instagram app,
    – Tap your story,
    – Hold down the recording button for a few seconds,
    – Tap the link at the top of the screen
    – Select the IGTV video.
    – Preview the link,
    – Tap done.
    It says call to action added. After you’ve finished, your IGTV video link will appear as a swipe up link in your Instagram story.
  5. Instagram ads.
    Add a clickable link to an Instagram ad if you’re willing to pay for it. View an example of a sponsored ad on my Instagram feed in the video above. If I click on the arrow that says ‘apply now’, it takes me to the landing page.

    When you add links to your Instagram ads make sure they’re highly relevant to the content you’re sharing otherwise you’re wasting your money.
  6. Direct messages.
    Are you keeping track of the messages from your inbox? Direct messaging on Instagram is private so it’s a more personal form of communication. You could start a conversation by reacting to a user’s story or offering help.

    If you reach out to followers with a direct message they’ll appreciate you for treating them as individuals.

    Here’s how to add a clickable link on a direct message on Instagram.
    – Tap on Instagram,
    -Tap the icon at the top right.
    Now you can search for people you want to send a direct message to, but I’m just going to send a direct message to myself.
    – Tap videobootcamp (my Instagram Channel)
    – Tap message.
    – Go to YouTube and copy the link to a video
    – Go back to Instagram,
    – Tap message again,
    – Tap paste
    – Tap send.
    Instagram displays the clickable link, thumbnail image, title and description. If I tap on the link it goes to my video. If I tap on the picture it also goes to my video.
  7. Share multiple links on your Instagram bio
    Perhaps you want to share a link to your website, YouTube video, YouTube channel or landing page. You can use a service like Linktree or Linkinbio to include multiple links.

    Alternatively, create a landing page on your website that contains multiple links, so instead of redirecting people to a page that you don’t own you direct them to your own webpage.

    Just make sure that your landing page is mobile-friendly because most people are viewing Instagram from their mobile phones.

    What are some other ways to promote your YouTube video on social media sites?

    I’m glad you asked, just watch my next video on how you can share YouTube content on multiple social media sites so you can get more views and subscribers.

If you want a grow your YouTube Channel so you can attract more views and subscribers, pick up a copy of my 100+ page YouTube Marketing Guide

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