How To Transcribe A YouTube Video – Top 5 Ways

If you want to boost the rankings of your videos on youtube upload a transcript of your video content. YouTube will create captions of the words spoken in your video.

This means that the hearing impaired can also read the content contained in your videos.

Here are the Top 5 ways to transcribe a YouTube video:

Watch the video below

1. Use the automated transcription service on YouTube
Log in to your YouTube channel
Click on the video manager and select the video that you wish to transcribe
Click edit
Click subtitles
Click english automatic and here’s the automatic transcription of your video
As you play the video it will show the captions underneath the video.
So to edit these just click “Edit”
Play your video and edit the text
When you’ve finished editing your transcript just click “publish edits”
Now you’ll see english automatic and english
Then just check the video
Notice how captions appear correctly under the video

2. Use Google Voice
Make sure you use the Google Chrome Browser and log into google docs.
Click “start a new document”
Go to tools – voice typing – click to speak
As you speak the words will appear on the screen
It may not be exactly as you see in the video but you can always edit it later then upload the
transcript once you’ve finished.

3. Download the audio transcript from youtube and edit it
Click english automatic then click the actions drop-down box
Select .vtt .srt or .sbv I’ll select .srt
Here’s a transcription of your video content
Select all and paste it into a text file and just edit out the numbers
After you’ve finished editing the transcript simply upload it to YouTube.

4. Transcribe it yourself
Click add new titles or CC
Click “upload a file” add your transcript or choose a file from your computer
Alternatively click “transcribe” and auto sync and just select all the text that you’ve transcribed Copy it and paste it into the box
Click “set timings”
Wait a few minutes
Click “English setting timings” and here is your transcription
Click “publish”
Now you’ll see two green buttons and you can also check the subtitles.
You’ll see the captions playing below the video

5. Pay someone else to do it
Go to and go down to transcription where it says a dollar per minute.
Convert audio or video to is a list of other captioning Services or you can also use capturing software.

Keep these 3 important things in mind:

1. Make sure you include your main keywords in the transcript.
2. Add the transcription to the description under your video.
3. Include your main keyword in the title and tags.

Now you know how to transcribe a
youtube video in 5 different ways.

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