How To Translate YouTube Videos To Another Language (Get More Views)

Do you want to get more views to YouTube videos?

Increasing the accessibility of your videos will increase watch time, reach and engagement. Watch the video below to discover how to translate your videos into another language, so you can reach a global audience.

On average, two-thirds of your channel views come from outside your home country. Therefore, it makes sense to translate your videos into another language other than your own.

This will generate more views or more subscribers to YouTube channel.

Here are the steps to translate your videos to another language.

  1. Check your demographics.
    The purpose of checking the demographics of your channel is to see what other language you should translate your videos into?
    – Log to YouTube channel, click on YouTube Studio Beta, click Analytics, click Build an audience, scroll down to where it says top countries.

    The top countries where I get most of my traffic in the last 28 days is United States, India, United Kingdom, Philippines and Canada. If I change the time period from 28 days to 365 days the top countries still are United States and the United Kingdom, Philippines and Canada.

    If I click “see more” I can see the percentage of views or where my traffic is coming from. I can also see the other countries where traffic is coming from. The top countries in the last 365 days is United States at 29.8%, and India at 19.4%.

    I probably want to translate my top videos in the top language that’s spoken in India.
  2. Identify the top videos on your channel you want to translate into a different language.
    – Go to YouTube Studio Beta, click on Analytics, click Overview.
    – Select the top video that gets the most traffic
    – Click transcriptions,
    – Click on “Build an audience”. You can see that top countries are India, United States, United Kingdom, Philippines and Australia.

    I definitely want to translate my video into Hindi, so I can reach a large audience.
  3. Translate your video into another language.
    – Click transcriptions,
    – Click add language, scroll down to Hindi. I can add the Hindi title and Hindi description. For the purposes of this video, I’m just going to use Google Translate which is probably not a perfect translation.

    ‘ll talk about better translation tools you can use later in the video. Just go to Google and enter Google Translate. I copy my title. I’m going to select English, put my title in there. Then I’m going to select Hindi and hover over this icon says copy translation. Copy that, the translation copied. I go back to my video and I just paste it in there.

    Now my title has been translated. I’m also going to add it to the top of my description. Then I’m just going to copy this paragraph from my description. Go back to Google Translate, paste it in there.

    Now it’s translated that into the Hindi language. Copy translation. It says translation copied. Go back to my video and add it to the description. Now viewers can watch and understand my video, whether they speak English or Hindi.

    If you want to add another language, you can just click add language. If somebody’s watching my video that only speaks Hindi, they’ll be able to read the title and description, that’s all in Hindi.

Here’s how to quickly translate your tags to another language.

  • Download the free Chrome extension TubeBuddy. Then you see these tag tools when you edit your video.
  • Click on translate. Here you can see that the top five languages spoken by my channels audience is English, Hindi, Arabic, Filipino and Punjabi. I want to translate these tags into Hindi.
  • All I have to do is click the drop-down, select Hindi.
  • Now I’ve got my tags translated into Hindi
  • Click the add icon. Click the add icon for this one. The add icon for this one and this one
  • Click close. Now you can see that I’ve added the translated in Hindi tags. Now I’ve got my tags translated to Hindi.

You can do this quickly for any of the videos on your channel.

Here are three YouTube tools to translate your content

  1. Add your own translations.
    You can add translated titles, descriptions and tags using Google Translate and TubeBuddy, as I’ve shown you in the video above.
  2. Get community contributions.
    Here’s where you can get the fans from that country to translate your titles, descriptions and tags. Just make sure that you enable community contributions for that video. Do this…
    – Click on transcriptions for your video.
    – On the community contributions, click the drop down box.
    – Click on for this video. That’s all there is to it.
  3. Use GoTranscript.
    GoTranscript offers translation services that are a 100% done by humans.

If you want to attract even more viewers to YouTube videos, upload a transcript of your video content. Just watch the next video on five ways to transcribe your video content.

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