How To Trigger The Home Algorithm On YouTube (GET MORE VIEWS)

My top traffic source for newly uploaded videos on YouTube comes
from the home screen or browse features.

In the video below, I’ll show you how the Home algorithm works, what traffic sources are included on the browse features, and how to trigger the Home algorithm and get more views so you can grow your channel faster.

How To Get 1000 Engaged YouTube Subscribers Quickly & Easily

What is Home?

These are videos you see on the home screen at or on the YouTube app that includes both signed in and signed out viewers. It’s the one-stop destination for YouTube, and the results are personalized based upon what each viewer wants to watch. These can be new videos, videos watched by similar viewers, or videos from your subscriptions.

Recently I’ve been researching the M1 MacBook, because my old MacBook Air has not been working very well and needs upgrading. As a result, I’ve begun to see more M1 MacBook videos appear on my home screen based upon my personal browsing behavior. Keep in mind that all videos from channels you have subscribe to will show up on Home, because it’s based upon your personal browsing behavior.

How Does Home Traffic Work?

It’s based upon performance and personalization. Performance refers to how well a video has engaged and satisfied similar viewers. Personalization refers to a viewer’s search and watch history, how often a viewer watches that channel or topic, and how many times YouTube is shown that video to the viewer.

Where To View Browse Features or Home Traffic?

  • Click on analytics in YouTube Studio,
  • Click on the Reach tab
  • Look on the Traffic Source Types.
  • Click See More.
  • Click on Browse Features.
    Traffic from Browse Features includes traffic from the Home, your Watch History, your Subscriptions, Watch Later and Trending. This is similar to the menu on YouTube channel homepage, where you’ve got Home, Explore, Subscriptions, History.

    Notice that the home screen at or on the YouTube app, gets the most traffic followed by Subscriptions. Keep in mind that subscribers watch more videos from their subscriptions on the home screen than they do from the subscriptions feed.

What Is Browse Features and How Does It Work?

Home is also called Browse in YouTube Analytics, and browse is a verb that really means somebody is looking through either a set of information or in this case a set of videos without a specific intent about what they want.

That’s actually very similar to how viewers behave on Home when they arrive at that destination. Maybe they come there and they’re a casual viewer. They’re not quite sure with what they want to watch. We have a really diverse set of options. It’s videos from your past watch history, it’s videos from channels you subscribe to, it’s videos from new viewers and videos that are popular with similar audiences.

How To Trigger The Home Algorithm (Get More Views)

The recommendation system on YouTube finds the videos that are most satisfying for each viewer. Your goal is to upload videos that you viewers want to watch. Keep in mind YouTube keeps track of what your viewers watched, what they don’t watch, how long they watched, and when they watched.

Here are 3 ways to trigger the Home Algorithm On YouTube

  1. Keep your viewers engaged.
    This begins with choosing a topic that your audience really cares about, then creating a title and thumbnail that captures the attention of your viewers and subscribers. After they begin watching your video you want to keep them engaged throughout your video, and then get them to keep coming back to watch more of the content.

    You can do this by creating a series of related videos based upon a common theme and place them in a playlist. At the end of each video link to that related video in the playlist. This will get viewers to binge watch multiple videos in a row.
  2. Keep doing what works.
    If you notice a specific video is getting a lot of traffic because a topic resonates with your audience make more of those types of videos. You can approach a topic from a different angle, answer viewers’ questions, or even do a case study.

    If you click on the audience tab in YouTube Analytics, you’ll be able to see the videos growing your audience, other channels your audience watches, other videos your audience watched, and when your viewers are on YouTube. When you study these analytics you get a better idea of what kind of content to make next that resonates with your audience.

    Keep in mind, videos that get recommended on the Home screen can also appear in suggestive videos, which are the videos that appear on the right side of the Watch page.

    Video thumbnails on the home screen are larger than the video thumbnails in suggestive videos so make sure your thumbnail looks good at all different sizes.
  3. Be consistent
    If you upload videos on a consistent basis, there’s more opportunity for your videos to be discovered on the Home screen, suggested Videos and in YouTube Search. It only takes one video to blow up your channel. If your video gets recommended on the Home screen and in Suggested Videos, you could see explosive growth of your channel.

    Keep in mind, videos that are discovered via Search can also get recommended by YouTube when they appeal to a broader audience.

Should you focus on a search-based strategy or not?

If you have a new channel or don’t have a large audience I recommend focusing on a search-based strategy because some of that search traffic will also get recommended on Home and Suggested, particularly if it appeals to a large audience.

If you want to learn how to grow faster on YouTube, watch this video on a screen right now on How To Get Your Videos Recommended On YouTube in 2022 and Beyond

How To Get 1000 Engaged YouTube Subscribers Quickly & Easily

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