How to Use Articles to Pre-sell Your Customers

When I was in my 20s I sold products door-to-door for several years across the United States. In the beginning I was only making a few sales each day because I would simply tell the customer about the product then ask them to buy it. Well, this didn’t work very well because the person didn’t know me from a bar of soap, no trust was established and most folks didn’t like salesmen.

How to pre-sell your customers

Compare selling to marriage. You don’t just walk up to someone from the opposite sex and ask them to marry you because you haven’t established a relationship with them. First you have to get to know them before they will begin to trust you. It’s the same in online marketing. You need to build a relationship with your clients before they will purchase your products or subscribe to your list.

Benefits of Articles

Writing and publishing articles is a powerful marketing strategy because unlike an ad, it generates traffic 24/7. If has the potential to get distributed all over the Web using social networking sites. You can also re-purpose written content into audio and video. When readers view your content in multiple formats and locations you’ll be recognized as an expert in your subject.

How to Use Articles to Presell Your Customers

An ezine ad or Google Ad provides only a few lines to get your message across whereas an article enables you to convey your message over multiple paragraphs. It introduces the reader to your topic, points out the problems and offers solutions. You can offer a free report at the end of the article to get more information. You have the opportunity to pre-sell your customer in the content and follow-up with them when they download your free report and receive a series of email messages via a follow-up autoresponder. Instead of of trying to make a quick sale you build a relationship with them which enables you to sell multiple products over their lifetime (as long as they remain your your list).

How to distribute your articles for maximum exposure

The more exposure your articles receive the more traffic you’ll get. First submit it to your blog then to the top article directories. Do it in this order so your blog article will get ranked first. Submitting the same article to directories will increase the number of backlinks to your blog. Rewrite your article before submitting it if you want to also receive good search engine rankings from article directories.

Another method of generating traffic from your articles is to be a guest blogger on a popular blog in your niche. Loyal readers of the blog will be redirected to your website.

Contact ezine publishers in your niche. If you establish a good relationship with an ezine owner who has 1000s of subscribers you’ll receive an instant boost in traffic.

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