How To Use Transcription With YouTube & Increase Viewer Engagement

  • Do you want to boost your video
    rankings on YouTube and Google?
  • Do you want to increase viewer engagement?

If you upload a transcript of your YouTube content it will create closed captions which enable the hearing and impaired to view your videos. This will result in reaching more people leading to more views and subscribers.

Here are the steps to create a transcription of your video content:

Watch the video below

  • Open up text edit on the MAC or Notepad on a PC
  • Type in all the text of your video content
  • Save it as a plain text file
  • Here’s how to upload your transcript to YouTube
  • Log into your YouTube account
  • Click video manager
  • Click the drop down
  • Click subtitles and CC
  • Select video language
  • Click English
  • Click add subtitles or CC
  • Click English
  • Click Upload a file
  • Choose your file
  • I selected the file called “how to use transcription with youtube”
  • Click choose
  • Click upload
  • Click set timings
  • You have to wait a few minutes for YouTube to set the timings correctly
  • Check back in a few minutes
  • You have 2 boxes here “English (Automatic)”
  • If you look at the automatic transcriptions you can see that the captions are inaccurate
  • For instance my name is spelt “heard ross” instead of Herman Drost
  • So click English then click publish
  • Now you can see that 2 boxes “English (Automatic)” and “English” are both green
  • Let’s check the accuracy of the transcription
  • Click play (to play the video)
  • Now you can see that the captions accurately reflect the content of the video

Make sure you create a transcript with every video you upload to YouTube. It will extend the reach of audience and boost your rankings on YouTube and Google.

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