How to Write a High Quality Article in 15 Minutes

One of the largest obstacles to writing an article is the time it takes to write one. If you are not an avid writer it’s hard to sit down and write freely. stare at a blank screen and nothing pops into your mind. You may end up wasting an hour in front of your computer before you start typing anything.

My 15 minute secret for writing an article

1. Give yourself only 15 minutes to start writing the article. This forces you to just start writing instead of procrastinating. It also sets your mind at ease because you are only committing 15 minutes of your day to writing the article.

2. Choose a topic
– only spend a few minutes selecting a topic to write about then write a few headlines that include your main keywords. You’ll want to weave these keywords into your article to make it search engine friendly.

3. Build the structure – your introductory paragraph should point out a particular problem you are going to solve in the body of your article. Emphasis the pain and frustration the visitor will feel if they don’t solve this problem.

The next few paragraphs should outline several solutions to the problem. Each paragraph should expand on a different point. These paragraphs will form the bulk of your article body and easily enable you to fill the number of words required for submission to article directories. This can be anywhere from 250-800 words.

Combine serveral short articles together if you don’t meet the necessary word count.

4. Resource box – this is where you can promote your product or service. Create an attractive call to action, include your web site address, your name and who you are.


The most important point of this 15 minute secret is that it pushes you to begin writing. Often you’ll find you don’t stay within the 15 minutes because you have a lot more to say and that’s fine. It’s OK to write a longer article. If it gets too long divide it into two articles Part 1 an Part 2.

If you have to stay within 15 minutes, just stop within that time period. Continue writing the next day for another 15 minutes until you’ve finished writing the article.

Any activity you want to become good at takes practice. Keep doing this on a consistent basis and you will soon be punching out all your articles in 15 minutes.

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