Article Writing Tip: How to Write Articles Quickly When You Can’t Type Fast

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Can you type 40 words per minute?

This is the basic minimum standard required by most employers. If you didn’t take a typing course or learn how to type correctly you’re probably much slower than this and use the “hunt and peck” method for typing your articles. This means you’re going to take longer to write one article than someone who can type 40 words per minute or faster. One of the best ways for quickly and easily writing lots of articles is using voice recognition software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking

How Dragon Naturally Speaking works to write articles quickly

You simply speak into a microphone attached to your computer and the software will automatically type the text into your document. This means you can create articles without looking at your computer screen or typing on the keyboard.

Benefits of Dragon Naturally Speaking Software

Saves time
The software saves time by quickly and easily dictating your article into the document window on your screen. To do this effectively you should already have several ideas for the article in your mind. As you speak the content into the microphone new ideas form in your mind that can be entered into your document. It takes a while for the software to correctly recognize your voice and formulate the words correctly on the page however with practice its accuracy improves. This enables you to produce several articles per hour.

Ability to write in a conversational tone
When typing a document it’s more difficult to be conversational. Using the dictation software it’s easier to write an article as if you were having a conversation with another person.

No spelling mistakes
When typing fast, it’s easy to misspell words and make lots of mistakes. The voice recognition software is amazingly accurate, because it has a spelling dictionary built into it. This saves time checking your document for spelling mistakes.

Less editing
Even though it doesn’t make any spelling mistakes the software is not 100% accurate. Sometimes it does not dictate the exact words you speak so you still need to edit your document after it’s completed. The software does become more accurate as it becomes more accustomed to your voice so there is less editing to do over time.

Fun to use
The beauty of this software is that you can sit back in your chair without looking at the computer screen or typing on your keyboard and easily create new content in a shorter period of time than typing it. This helps you to relax and have fun doing it.

These days you need to write more articles in order for them to effectively generate traffic because more people are using article marketing to promote their products and services. Consider using speech recognition software to quickly and easily create more articles in less time than typing and have fun doing it.

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Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Preferred by Nuance


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