How YouTube Remarketing Works & How It Will Benefit Your Business

Did you know it often takes 12 touches
before someone actually buys your product?

Watch the video below…

Most people including myself don’t purchase a product the first time they see it. It takes a number of exposures before you actually decide to purchase the product.

Recently I was shopping online for a new computer. Even though I decided not to buy one at that moment ads kept popping up on all different online sites everywhere I browsed. So even as I got distracted looking at different things online the ads kept appearing before me.

YouTube remarketing means that when someone takes a certain action on your YouTube Videos or YouTube Channel you can save that information to a list and remarket to the people on that list later on.

A remarketing list is created by linking your YouTube account to your Adwords account. After you’ve linked your account you can create a remarketing list that targets people who have people who have taken these specific actions…

  1. People who have watched any of your videos
  2. People who have interacted with your videos
    such as liked, commented or shared your videos.
  3. People who have viewed your video as an in-stream video ad
  4. People who have visited or subscribed to your YouTube channel
  5. People who have watched your video on another network or website.

Here are the 4 benefits of YouTube Remarketing..

  1. You can get your offer back in front of people
    who have already viewed your videos.
  2. You can build a deeper relationship with them
  3. You can generate more conversions for every cent
    that you spent on YouTube video ads.
  4. You won’t waste money on people who are not interested
    in your video ads.

That’s it!
Now you know how YouTube Remarketing Works and
how it will benefit your business.

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