Increase Your Website Conversion Rate With My Top 7 Strategies

No matter how much you optimize your website for the search engines you still need to convert your visitors into buyers. That’s not an easy thing to do because you’re not physically standing next to your potential customer to engage in conversation with him or her.

When a person first visits your web page there are many factors that influence their decision to proceed. For instance they may be multi-tasking therefore you don’t have their undivided attention, your headlines may not peak their interest because they are too general or your website loads too slowly.

Here are my top 7 strategies to increase your website conversion rate

1. Create an attractive website or landing page

You only have a few seconds to impress your website visitors. A business person will be more attracted to do business with a website or landing page that is professionally designed rather than one which is out of date or looks amateurish.

2. Reduce web page download times

If your website contains too many graphics, flash or javascript it will slow the loading of your web pages. Check the speed at which your pages load on different computers. If it doesn’t load within a few seconds optimize the pages by using cascading style sheets(CSS) instead of tables, reduce the number of graphics and validate your html.

3. Test web pages in several different browsers

Unfortunately not all browsers display web pages the same. Even though your website may look fine in the browser on your computer it may not display correctly on computers using other browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome.

These days more and more people are using smart phones and tablets to purchase products and services online therefore make sure your website is optimized for these devices so you can reach this audience to improve your website conversion rates.

4. Create captivating web copy

Boring web copy will only drive visitors away. Remember you’re probably not the only one in your niche competing for the same visitors therefore take time to write attention-grabbing headlines, sub-headlines and use lots of bullet points to break up long paragraphs.

The purpose of each sentence or paragraph is to get your visitor to read the next sentence or paragraph until they get to your call to action.

Visit competitors’ sites to see how your web copy can stand out from theirs. Ask yourself “what benefit does my product or service offer that is not mentioned by my competitors?”

Since the home page is usually the first page visitors see place your most important benefit at the top of the page followed by the other benefits.

5. Create a clear call to action

The main purpose of every website visitor is to get them to take action whether it is to purchase your product, service or subscribe to a newsletter or e-course. Determine what action you wish them to take then write web copy that pre-sells your product or service.

6. Offer a valuable incentive

Creating well written web copy is often not enough to convert potential customers. An incentive such as a free consultation, free report and/or guarantee nudges them to take action.

Make sure you offer a high value incentive (worth paying for). For instance you could offer a series of training videos to get them to opt-in to your mailing list.

7. Analyze your conversion rates

If you want to improve your website conversion rates you should be continually testing different headlines, web copy, incentives, etc. One way measure their effectiveness is to install Google Analytics code on your web pages. It shows how many visitors you’re receiving, where they are coming from, what keywords they using to find your site and who is linking to your pages.

Google optimizer is another free tool that enables you to test 2 different web pages by rotating them evenly to your visitors. Use one to be your control then use the other to test the performance of different page elements.

Instead of buying more software and courses on how to generate more traffic, focus on these top 7 strategies to increase your website conversion rates. You’ll generate more sales and subscribers from the visitors you’re already receiving.

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