iPhone Video Hero Review: How To Create Professional Videos Using Your iPhone

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Recently I hiked up Old Rag Mountain (approx. 4000 feet) in Virginia with a group of Boy Scouts. I took my trusty digital camera plus my iPhone to take pictures of the beautiful scenery. I thought the boys would also use a digital camera but was shocked to see most used their iPhones or Droids to shoot video. It made me realize how popular this tool is for the younger generation but is also popular among business people.

The beauty of the iPhone is that it’s always with you plus it takes high resolution photos and videos. Although many marketers use it for their business the big problem they face is how to create professional videos.

Why I purchased the iPhone Video Hero Marketing Course

1. Learn from an expert

Jules Watkins, the author of the course has a 10 year background in television. He’s been a producer, director and cameraman hosting shows on the BBC (ie The Biggest Loser) and MTV. So you’ll be learning how to create iPhone videos from the best.

2. Correct lighting does wonders

For one year I shot videos both inside and outside. Although the natural light videos were the best I couldn’t always count on nice days as sometimes it was too sunny or it was too cold to go outside in the winter plus I often had no time. I finally decided to purchase a lighting kit and follow the videos in the course for creating a pure white Apple background. This greatly enhanced the quality of my videos. I now have a small studio permanently set-up in a room so I can shoot a quick video any time I choose.

3. Extend iPhone capacity

Even though the iPhone shoots high definition video it’s not good for shooting high quality scenery shots unless you purchase additional lenses which attach to the phone. The course shows you which lenses to get and how to use them for creating close and long distance shots.

4. Sound accessories improve performance

When I first got my iPhone I used the built-in microphone to record sound. This became problematic especially when recording sound outside with the wind blowing. It would pick up all the surrounding sound and drown out my voice.

I discovered later that you can start, start and record video using the microphone attached to the air buds that come with the phone. The little mic is built into the wires. This resulted in a great improvement in sound plus I didn’t have to go back and forth to the camera to turn on the record button. One problem I encountered is that you sometimes get annoyed with the start and stop sounds during recording.

If you want higher quality sound it’s better to purchase either a wired (less expensive) mic or a wireless one (more expensive). The course walks you through the different options.

5. Steady as she goes

I shot the first few iPhone videos during my daily runs around the lake in my local neighborhood. Looking back I can’t believe how shaky my first few videos were and that I even released them to the public. Trying to keep your iPhone steady while filming is not recommended. Investing in a tripod is definitely worth it however you’ll also need an iPhone case that attaches the iPhone to the tripod. Inside the course Jules reveals the best and least expensive options for tripods and cases.

6. Apps boost performance

When I first purchased the iPhone I had no editing software however after installing the iMovie app I was able to edit and upload movies quickly and easily within the application. The step-by-step guide shows you the best apps to get and which ones to avoid.

7. Marketing your product or service

Marketing the videos you’ve created with your iPhone is the key to attracting visitors, leads and generating sales for your business. In the bonuses section of the course Jules includes several webinars such as:

  • How to Shine on Screen
  • How to make YouTube Videos that rock!
  • 20 Lessons from making Info Products that sell!

He also includes a bonus e-book that gives you a bunch of ideas on what type of videos to create for your own business or for your clients.

Cons of the course

  • Takes time to implement
    The course is a comprehensive step-by-step guide for creating professional videos using your iPhone therefore it takes time to implement all the video tutorials. I waited a year before buying the course but looking back, I wish I had purchased it earlier to so I would have avoided a lot of beginner mistakes ie incorrect lighting, sound, etc.
  • Lack of PDFs
    I would have preferred supplemental PDFs to go with the videos so if I wanted to refer back to a tutorial I could quickly scan the content instead of watching the video again. It’s not a big problem since each video is only a few minutes long.
  • iPhone limitations
    It’s truly amazing how you can create professional videos just using your iPhone however it does have limitations (ie taking close ups or long distance shots )as it doesn’t have all the capabilities of $1000+ camera which has a ton more features.

    My recommendation

    Don’t make the same mistakes as I did by trying to create professional videos by yourself without receiving help from an experienced television producer and his iPhone Video Hero course.

    Whether you’re an internet marketer, blogger, or just want to create better videos with your iPhone I highly recommend this step-step guide.

    Watch my iPhone Video Hero Review
    (This video is a great example of the type of video you can create with your iPhone)

    Click here to get your copy or click on the banner below.

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