Keyword Research – Benefits of Finding Profitable Keywords

One of the most difficult tasks of creating a profitable AdWords campaign is finding keywords that have few competing ads. If you can find alternative keywords to the ones your competitors are using to sell the same product you can run a profitable campaign.

Benefits of finding profitable keywords

1. Spend less money

If there are no or a only a few ads using these keywords you won’t have a high cost per click (CPC).

2. Find a different path to the sale

Instead of using the same keywords as your competitors you use alternative keywords to sell the same product.

3. Faster profits

If your keywords have a high search volume and your ad is the only one showing your profits will be faster than if you were competing with a full page of ads.

4. Avoid the double serving rule

If you write an ad that contains the same display URL as another ad that is already running on Google AdWords you’ll incur the “double serving rule”. This means your ad won’t get displayed until this is corrected.

A simple way to avoid the “double serving rule” is to research alternative keywords from your competitors. This enables you to create ads for the same product without worrying about the competition.

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Since your way is not as common as the normal way keywords are discovered, chances are the words you find are not used by your competitors. Fewer competitors will you give you a better chance of creating a profitable campaign.

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