Keyword Research – How to Determine If Your Idea Will Be Profitable

There are many dead products being marketed online because they did not do the necessary keyword research. The product was dead before it was promoted. Don’t let yourself fall into the same trap. Many folks get so excited by their new idea they don’t even bother to check if their is a demand for it.

The purpose of doing the keyword research before you build a web site and market it by writing and submitting articles is to see if their is a demand and to determine how competitive your market is.

So how do you determine if there is a demand for your product?

1. Use the free wordtracker tool (Google “free wordtracker tool”)
Enter any of your primary keywords in the search box to find how many searches are being done for that term. The free tool will return 100 phrases you can use. If you wish to dig deeper try the monthly subscription.

2. Copy and paste these phrases into an excel spreadsheet labeled WordTracker at the top of the column.

3. Enter the title Google in the second column. Insert each phrase in the Google search box with quotations around them and press enter. This will give you the number of web sites returned for that term.

4. Enter anchor+keyword in the Google search box. The anchor text is the text used in the link for your phrase. It will return how many web sites are using that keyword in their anchor text.

5. Enter title+keyword in the Google search box. This provides all the web sites that contain your keyword in their title meta tags…a crucial element for optimizing your web site.

6. Enter url+keyword in the the Google search box. This returns web sites that contain your keyword phrase in a URL on their web pages.

7. Research the number of backlinks of top competitors. Take the top 10 web sites that appear in Google for your keyword, then do a backlink check for each of them.

Enter in the Yahoo search box then click the web search button. In the inlinks drop down box select “except from this domain” This will show you the number of backlinks this particular site has. If you want to rank higher than this site you will need to get ore backlinks than them.

Ideally you want to target the keywords that have the highest demand and the least number of competitors. For example if the keyword phrase “web site design maryland” produces a large number of searches, has only a small number of sites that contain that phrase in their title, anchor text, url and the top sites contain only a few backlinks, you stand a good chance of achieving top rankings.

If there is no demand for this phrase or it has too many competitors, choose another one. This is why you need to create a large keyword list at the beginning of your research.


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