5 Keyword Research Tools To Help Webmasters Gain High Rankings

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Are you only using one tool for keyword research?
Do all keyword tools give you an accurate search count?
Which tools should you use to find new niches?

Search engines find websites based upon keywords contained in there web pages. If there are thousands of search counts for a specific keyword each month and your web page ranks at the top or on the first page of Google you’ll receive far more traffic than if it’s ranked on the second or third page.

So how do you find keywords people are searching on every month?

This is why you need keyword research tools. Keep in mind any tool only provides an approximate search count. For example, many marketers only use the Google AdWords Tool however it’s results are grossly inaccurate because it includes both single and plural keywords. It also includes results from automated robots plus marketers running ranking reports.

So how do you attain more accurate search counts?

Instead of just using one keyword research tool use several to compare search counts. If one tool shows a high search count for a particular keyword but the other tools don’t display any searches I would dismiss using that keyword because there’s a high probability no one is searching for information on that keyword.

Which keyword tools should you use?

Here are the tools I use to compare search counts:

1. Google AdWords Tool

Start here to generate a large list of related keywords then select the ones you want to use in your content. Compare their search counts with the other tools. Also log in to your Google AdWords account to check how many people are paying for each click (CPC or cost per click) for a specific keyword.

Note: If you don’t log in to your AdWords account the cost per click column will not be displayed.

2. Google search engine

Enter your keyword in the Google search box to see how competitive your keyword phrase is. Don’t be discouraged if there are millions of websites listed because Google displays any website that contains that keyword on any of its pages. It’s not going to be accurate however it gives you a rough idea of the competition you face.

Also look at the top and right side of the search engine results pages. If there are ads displayed it means advertisers are spending money to display ads containing that keyword…this is a good indication to optimize your web page for that keyword.

3. Market Samurai
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This tool is one of the most popular keyword tools used by marketers because it provides a ton of data all in one place. I recommend purchasing the paid version so you can benefit from using the whole range of tools.

For eaxmple in the Keyword Research tab it displays data for:


  • Total Searches
    Average number of people who search for this keyword daily
  • SEO Traffic
    Maximum potential daily clicks that a #1 ranked site for this keyword term could potentially receive.
  • Phrase to Broad
    The percentage of phrase-match searches out of broad-match searches for this keyword
  • Trends
    Monthly traffic trends for a particular keyword


  • AdWordS Traffic
    The total daily traffic (clicks) that a #1 ranked Google Advertiser for a keyword might expect to receive from their ads
  • AdWords CPC
    Indication of what to expect to pay to be the #1 ranked advertiser for a particular keyword in Google./li>


  • SEO Competition
    The total number of web pages globally that mention a specific keyword term in the same (phrase) word order, in Bing’s index.
  • Title Competition
    The total number of web pages globally that mention all of the words in a keyword term in the title of the page.
  • URL Competition
    The total number of web pages globally that mention a sepciofic term i the same (phrase) word order in their URL in Bing’s index
  • AdWords Competition
    The number of advertisers bidding on a keyword (worldwide) and how this compares to other keywords.


  • AdWords Value
    The total daily value (and also the cost) a #1 ranked Google AdWords advertiser might expect to receive if advertising for a keyword.
  • SEO Value
    The total daily value of traffic that a website ranked #1 in Google for a keyword could potentially achieve.

4. WordTracker
Click here to get a Free Trial of WordTracker Tool

WordTracker receives search counts from a number of different sources (unlike the Google AdWords tool) so it provides a good comparison with other search tools.

You can use WordTracker’s free keyword tool to find 100 related keywords for any keyword you enter into the search box.

To use the all the tools at your disposal you’ll need a yearly subscription fee. Instead I only use the free tool and paid the one time cost for the full version of Market Samurai.

5. WebCEO
Click Here to get a free trial of WebCEO

This desktop software also receives it’s search counts from multiple sources so it’s a great tool for comparing the number of searches a keyword receives with the other tools.

The desktop software includes tools for keyword research, website promotion, monitoring, maintenance and generates beautiful rankings reports.

To view all 12 tools in more detail visit:

My recommendation
The more time you spend upfront doing proper keyword research the less time it will take to gain high rankings for your keywords. Therefore, instead of just using one tool use a range of tools to compare search counts.

Beyond keyword research I highly recommend purchasing the full version of Market Samurai because you only pay a one time fee and you receive lifetime updates plus ongoing support when needed.

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