Landing Page Marketing: How to generate traffic with article marketing in 10 steps

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In my previous articles I discussed landing page optimization and my top 7 link building tips, 2 crucial components for marketing your landing page. Instead of focusing on multiple traffic generation strategies it’s good practice to master one of them before moving on to the next. On you most effective ways to market your landing page is by writing unique articles and submitting them to the top article directories. If you do this on a consistent basis you’ll receive a steady stream of traffic to your landing page.

The Top 3 Benefits of Article Marketing

1. Link building

Most article directories allow you to include a link or 2 back to your own website in the resource box at the end of your article. The more articles you write and submit the more links you’ll receive to your website. Links from the top article directories carry much more weight than getting links from less popular sites.

2. Traffic generation

The top article directories receive millions of visitors each day. Many people use article directories rather than search engines to search for information. This means your article is read by a wider audience and each directory attracts different people. For example many Ezine and newsletter publishers use the directories to find articles for their subscribers. If your article gets published by a newsletter read by 10,000 subscribers you’ll receive a ton of traffic.

3. Gain top search engine rankings

If you’re in a niche which doesn’t have millions of competing sites, article marketing will help you to gain top search engine rankings. Rankings depend on the quality and quantity of links pointing to your website. Links from the top article directories are considered high-quality. Writing lots of articles optimized for the search engines and for your visitors provides many entry points for visitors accessing your landing page.

How to generate traffic with article marketing in 10 steps

1. Create a list of topics

Write down all the topics you can think of related to your niche so you won’t get stuck for ideas when it comes to writing your article.

2. Create a captivating headline

The title of your article is what will attract the reader to read the rest of the article. Use action words such as discover, learn, how to or ask a question i.e. “How do you promote a landing page?”

3. Write an introductory paragraph

Write a 5 to 10 line paragraph clearly outlining the problem a visitor may have. Your paragraph sets the stage for outlining several solutions to the problem in succeeding paragraphs.

4. Write the body of your article

This is where you describe all the benefits or solutions of the problem you outlined in the introduction. This can be as simple as providing seven tips with each tip having its own paragraph.

5. Summarize your content

Your final paragraph should summarize what you’ve said in your article to remind the reader about the main points. Avoid the words you used previously so you don’t repeat yourself.

6. Create a call to action

Your resource box at the end of the article is where you include a call to action and provide links back to your website. Invite your readers to check out your website to receive more information. Make sure you include 2 links. One is your anchor text which is your main keyword phrase linked to your website address. The other link is your full website address so if anybody copies and pastes or prints out your article they’ll still be able to see the full URL of your website.

7. Proof read your article

If your content is full of spelling and grammar mistakes you’ll quickly lose credibility amongst your readers. Take a break after writing your article and come back to it several hours later. You’ll have a fresh view of your content and be able to improve its quality before publishing it.

8. Rewrite your article

If you plan on submitting the article to your blog or website first then to an article directory, create 2 different versions so you don’t publish duplicate copies. At a minimum rewrite at least 20% of your content to create a second article so it will unique enough to attract its own rankings and traffic. Often it’s easier to completely write a new article rather than rewriting it.

9. Publish your article

Submit the original article to your blog then submit the second one to the top article directories. If you follow this procedure you’ll have two unique articles to help gain backlinks, rankings and traffic.

10. Submit your content directly to ezine publishers

Instead of just relying on article directories to publish your content, find ezine or newsletter publishers related to your niche then submit your article to them directly. They are always looking for unique, original content for their online publications and you’ll save them time searching through article directories. Consider also becoming a guest writer for a popular blog in your niche. You’ll not only receive a high quality link to your landing page but also benefit from their loyal subscribers reading your article.

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