Link Popularity – How Link Optimization and Link Value Affect Your Rankings

Many site owners make the mistake of getting links from web sites not related to their own. They try to get as many links as possible from any person that wants to exchange links.

This is big mistake.

Your site will most likely lose its rankings and/or be banned from the search engines.


This is because search engines want to produce focused, relevant results to searches. It still doesn’t happen often enough because you still get results that are not related to your searches.

What is Link Optimization?

This means creating, finding links and content that have high value. If your web site has high quality content, other site owners will want to link to it automatically. If you have a new web site, you will want to find high quality sites that can link to yours. These are usually sites that have been on the Net for years, have high rankings and get a lot of traffic.

Link value

The quality of the links pointing to your site is superior to the number of links. However if you get a large number of high quality links from other sites that is better than just having a few.


An article on “link optimization” gets placed on a web site that has a PR (page rank) of 7 whereas your web site only has a PR value of 2. The PR7 site will get found faster, indexed faster, and receive better search engine exposure (higher rankings) than the PR2 web site.


The link in the resource box of your article links back to your web site. The high ranking web site passes on its authority to your web site thus increasing your own “authority” and with time, your overall rankings.

A Note about Page Rank

Your site’s Page Rank can be viewed by observing the green line in the Google Toolbar. Sites that have a high PR(ie PR 6-10) will generally rank higher than sites less than PR6. Google claims PR is not significant anymore however the Google web site has a PR value of 10.

Search Engine Optimization Services

Herman Drost is a SEO specialist. He offers search engine optimization services that are based on the total number of pages to be optimized, competitiveness of the keywords targeted, actual SEO work required to optimize the site for those search terms, and the estimated time necessary to acquire a competitive search engine position.

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