List Building – How to Automatically Build and Market Your List

Most website owners focus on getting traffic to their websites but don’t think about how to convert that traffic into sales. They may generate a few direct sales from their website but most visitors will leave and never be seen again. If you want to build a stable business and generate a long term income you need to continuously build a list you can market to.

Why list building generates long term income

Instead of going for the quick sale from a web page, capture your visitor’s contact information by offering them a free report then sending them a series of follow-up messages through an autoresponder follow-up system. This enables you to build a relationship with your visitors. Most people need to receive at least 7 follow-up emails before they decide to purchase your product or service because they get bombarded by messages all day long and are easily distracted. Each email should contain more information about your product, why it will benefit them and a call to action (buy your product).

How to use social media to build your list

All the social media websites such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook are not owned by you. They are beyond your control. For instance, if you’ve built a list of 50,000 Twitter followers and Twiter suddenly shuts down your account you’ll immediately lose all your followers and waste all your hard work. To prevent this from happening ALWAYS redirect visitors from your social media properties to your own blog or website where you invite them to join your list. Once they are on your list you can market to them via your autoresponder marketing system.

How to market to your list without offending your subscribers

1. Get permission

Make sure all your new subscribers are double opt-in. This means they need to confirm to be added to your list by clicking the confirmation link in the email they receive after filling in the opt-in form on your website.

2. Thank them for subscribing

Your first autoresponder email follow-up message should thank them for subscribing and tell them what to expect in subsequent email messages. Always include a link to your product or service at the end of your email to give them an opportunity buy your product.

3. Survey your subscribers

Instead of writing content you think they’ll need or find valuable, survey your audience by asking them what content they would like to receive. You’ll receive a far better response because you’re providing solutions to their most frustrating problems.

4. Follow-up

No matter how many follow-up emails you send always include at least one valuable nugget of information your visitors can take immediate action on. Other ideas include, free reports, contests, e-course, latest news and product recommendations. Space your email messages several days apart to give your subscribers time to digest the information.

5. Take care of your list

If you take care of your list by continuously offering valuable content they’ll take of you by purchasing your products and taking your courses. Treat them as you wish to be treated. Speak to them as if you were having conversation with a good friend.

Your autoresponder list is the key to building long term relationships. If people know, like and trust you they’ll continue to do business with you.

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