List Building Mistakes To Avoid – Top 7

If you want to build a successful online business you need to build a large list of potential customers. This enables you to control your marketing messages, do instant market research and sell products on a continuous basis. Without building a list you’ll always be chasing new customers and not following up on the ones who have already bought. Here are the top 7 mistakes people make when they begin building their list.

Top 7 list building mistakes to avoid

1. Free autoresponder

A sequential autoresponder enables you to build a list to follow-up to people on customers by sending them prescheduled e-mails. A free autoresponder won’t guarantee your e-mails get delivered, you’ll receive spam complaints or they may shut down their service without any notification resulting in lost information. Even though it’s tempting to use a free autoresponder when starting out because you don’t have much money, it’s better to invest in a professional autoresponder service right away..

2. No follow-up

If you don’t follow-up on potential customers you’ll leave a lot of money on the table. Most sales are generated during the follow-up process. Make sure you sign up for a professional sequential autoresponder so you can send follow-up e-mails sequentially at prescheduled times.

3. Ineffective opt in form

Don’t just place an opt in form on your web page saying “please sign up to my newsletter.” You won’t attract many subscribers. Instead motivate visitors to subscribe by creating a free offer they download in exchange for their contact information. Place your opt in form at the top right of your web page so visitors will immediately see it displayed on their computer screen.

4. Single opt in

A single opt in form means visitors don’t need to confirm their e-mail address. This attracts fake e-mail addresses. A list composed of fake e-mail addresses won’t be very responsive because you don’t if real people subscribed to your list. When setting up your opt in form make sure you use double opt in so people have to confirm their e-mail address to be successfully subscribed.

5. Lack of relationship building

If you don’t build a relationship with the people on your list it won’t be very responsive and you may not generate many sales. People tend to buy products from people they trust. To build trusting relationships continuously offer valuable content that answers their most pressing questions.

6. Too much pitching

If you continuously pitch products to your list without building relationships, your customers will lose interest and unsubscribe. 80% of your communication should be focused on providing free content and only 20% pitching your products. This illustrates the principle of giving before receiving.

7. Lack of traffic generation

If you don’t continuously drive traffic to your list building page your list won’t grow very quickly. Use multiple methods to generate traffic. Some of these may include:

* adding an opt in form to every page on your website or blog
* redirecting traffic from social media websites to your opt in form
* placing an opt in form on your Facebook fan page
* article marketing
* video marketing
* pay-per-click marketing
* search engine marketing
* joint ventures

If you avoid these top 7 mistakes you’ll quickly build a responsive list which enables you to promote new products as they become available. You’ll also make friends that last for a lifetime because you helped them build their businesses.

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