How To Make A YouTube End Card To Increase Subscribers & Engage More Viewers

make an end card on youtube
Do you want to generate more subscribers to your YouTube Channel?
Do you want to increase viewer engagement?

YouTube usually shows default related videos at the end of your own video however an end card will direct viewers to your own video assets. It will also keep them engaged with your own content and stimulate them to subscribe to your channel.

Here are the top 3 benefits of creating an end card:

  1. Increases watch time by keeping viewers engaged with your own content. Watch time is one of YouTube’s top ranking factors
  2. Increase the number of subscribers by asking them
    to subscribe at the end of your video
  3. Reinforces your brand

Here are the steps to make an end card for your YouTube videos

Watch the video below…

Click here to download the end card template.

Step 1. Create a template in your graphics software.
This acts as a placeholder for your videos.

Step 2. Open up your video editing software.
In this case I’m using Screenflow.

Step 3. Import your end card template from your graphics software.
I’ve stacked all the different layers on top of each other.
The bottom layer is the background template
The top video is scaled to 31%
The bottom 3 videos are scaled down to 19%
The text layers are scaled down to 58%.

When you’ve finished making the end card of your YouTube video upload it to YouTube. After it’s uploaded, add your annotations. For instance you can add your subscribe annotation and annotations for the 3 related videos.

Here are a few things to keep in mind…

  • Display your end card for 5-10 secs at the end of your video to give viewers time to subscribe or click on your related videos
  • You can even create a simple end card within Screenflow
  • Add an end card to all future videos you upload to YouTube so you can increase engagement, attract more subscribers and reinforce your brand.

Now you know how to make an end card for all your future videos so you can increase the number of subscribers, engage more viewers, improve watch time and gain higher rankings.

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