Market Research – Will Your Product Fly?

If you want to be sure your product will fly, you need to research your market otherwise it won’t get off the ground. You may lose hope and conclude that online marketing doesn’t work. The key to market research is to find the people related to your product and ask them for feedback.

Here are 7 areas to determine if there’s a demand for your product:

1. Surveys

If you have an email list ask them a series of questions related to the product you’re selling then publish the answers. Use a service such as

2. Polls

If you have a forum or blog run a quick poll then publish the results. Some forums allow polls even allow visitors to create polls.

3. Google Adwords

Create an ad based on your main keyword. For instance if your keyword phrase is “wrinkle cream” create an ad about wrinkle cream that offers a free report for answering your question.

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4. Google alerts

Create a google alerts account based on your topic. You can then monitor the discussions taking place in press releases and blogs.

5. Use Google to monitor online discussions

Enter these terms in the Google search box to find your target audience:

keyword+discussion groups

6. Hottest trends

If you create a product based on the most popular trend you can be sure you will get a lot of visitors to your product web site. Be aware that these trends are often short lived and very competitive.

eBay pulse
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Look for the most popular magazines related to your topic.
Find out if there are books written about your product. If so, this is a good indication your product is in demand.

The most popular books indicate what people are currently buying. If you’re stuck on for an idea this may be a topic you can pursue.


This service displays what advertisers are willing to pay for your keywords. If they are paying $10/click you know this product is in high demand. If there are no advertisers for your particular keyword, I’d suggest choosing another topic.

By asking and finding people online related to your product you get a clear idea if your product will sell. The more time you invest in market research the greater your chances of making multiple sales. Most folks don’t research their market enough before trying to sell a product then wonder why it doesn’t fly.

You will be many steps ahead of your competitors if you spend time on market research.

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Herman Drost is the Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW)
owner and author of Web Design, Web Hosting, SEO


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