Marketing Upsell – How to Upsell Your Customers

Most of you have eaten at McDonalds and been asked “do you want fries with that?’
If you accept their suggestion and purchase the fries it means you have just been upsold.

Definition of Upsell

This is a marketing term for the practice of suggesting higher priced products or services to a customer who is considering a purchase. The upsell is usually for a related product that is offered at a reduced price or sold as a higher priced item.

Benefits of the marketing upsell

1. Make more money

Extra money is made by suggesting another product. It adds value to what they have already purchased and the customer thinks they are getting a deal by purchasing the second item.

2. Repeat customers

Customers that have already purchased from you are happy to buy again providing they had a good experience and received good value for their money. They can easily become lifetime customers because they have come to trust your products.

3. Sell high priced items

If you want to sell a high-priced item you can first prepare your customer by selling several low priced items. ie create and market several ebooks or reports that lead the customer to purchase the high priced item.

Ways to upsell your customers

Order page

On your order page you could include another offer . The customer has a choice to either purchase the single item or purchase both items at a reduced price. Your customer feels he is getting a good deal because he is paying less for both items than if he purchased them separately.

Thank you page

After the customer has purchased an item he gets redirected to your thank you page. On this page you offer a second item, a subscription to your newsletter or have him subscribe to an on going email course. If he subscribes you will be able to offer him upgrades, or new items or a continuous basis.

Another good example of a company using marketing upsell is Amazon. If you purchased a book at Amazon, other books are suggested while making your purchase from the order page. They’ll also send you an email when a new book comes out related to the one you bought.


Instead of chasing new customers, you can always generate extra income from upselling your products. It’s a fact that 30 percent to 67 percent of all people can be up sold at the time of purchase. Make a list of all the different strategies you can use to upsell your clients, then put them into action.

You will be glad you did!


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