How to Download Video from YouTube to Computer, Laptop, Mobile or USB drive

how to download video from youtube to computer, laptop, usb, mobile

Have you ever been on a plane and wanted to watch a YouTube video but couldn’t because you didn’t have Internet access? Perhaps you want to save a video to your computer because you’re low on data but couldn’t get online. In the video below, I show you how to download a video to your […]

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How To Find And Use Creative Commons Videos On YouTube Without Copyright Claims

ow to find and use creative commons videos on youtube

Did you know you can use other people’s videos to create your own video without getting a copyright strike or a copyright claim? This is possible with Creative Commons videos. Today, you’ll learn what Creative Commons videos are, how to find them and how to use them in your videos so you don’t get a […]

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How To Avoid Burnout On YouTube And Stay Motivated

how to avoid burnout on youtube

Oh no, I have to create another video, otherwise my channel will stop growing. I kind of feel anxious and overwhelmed. What should I do? Have you ever felt this way? Watch the video below to get my top 7 tips on how to avoid burnout on YouTube. Lots of YouTube creators constantly feel the […]

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YouTube Duplicate Content (How It Affects You)

YouTube Duplicate Content

Did you know that YouTube is removing channels from the YouTube Partner Program if they produce duplicate content on their channels? Watch the video below to discover what duplicate content is, how it affects you, and what to do if your channel has been removed from the YouTube Partner Program for duplication. What is duplicate […]

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Duplicate Content YouTube FAQs (what you need to know about Reused Content)

duplicate content on youtube

Why did YouTube remove your channel from the YouTube Partner Program for duplicate or reused content? When can you reuse someone else’s content? What can you do if your channel was removed for duplication? Watch the video below to get the answers to these questions. YouTube has been removing channels for duplicate or reused content. […]

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How To Monetize Your YouTube Videos With Adsense Ads

ow to monetize youtube videos in 2019 with adsense ads

Do you want to generate a passive income by displaying Adsense ads on your YouTube videos? After you’ve monetized your videos, you’ll be able to generate revenue from them 24/7, year after year on autopilot. That sounds amazing. In the video below, I show you how to monetize your YouTube videos with Adsense ads in […]

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How I Made Money On YouTube (while on a 4 week vacation)

How I made money on youtube

Imagine getting paid by YouTube while taking a full week vacation to New Zealand with my daughter. Wouldn’t that be sweet? Watch the video below as I hike subtropical rainforests, kayak on oceans, bathe in the natural hot pools, sail to an offshore island and snorkel crystal clear waters as I generate a passive income […]

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How To Get YouTube To Pay You (Top 5 Ways)

how to get youtube to pay you

Imagine getting paid by YouTube every month just for publishing videos on your channel. Wouldn’t that be sweet? In the video below, I show you 5 ways to get YouTube to pay you for creating content on their platform. Watch till the end of the video to discover 7 alternative ways to make money from […]

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How To Change Video Thumbnail On YouTube

how to change video thumbnail on youtube

Your YouTube thumbnail is the first impression viewers get of your video when they’re searching for a solution to their problem on YouTube. Therefore, you need it to stand out if you want viewers to click on it. Step 1.Create a clickable custom thumbnail. Here are some must-have features to include in your thumbnail. Contrasting […]

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How To Monetize YouTube Videos On Your iPhone

how to monetize youtube videos on iphone

Did you know that you can monetize your YouTube videos on the go? You no longer have to be tethered to your computer to manage your videos. In the video below, you’ll learn how to monetize your YouTube videos just using your iPhone. One of the greatest benefits of turning on ads for YouTube channel […]

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