How To Edit Videos On YouTube After Upload

youtube video editor online

Want to quickly edit a YouTube video online without losing views or rankings? Want to trim the end of a video you’ve already uploaded? The YouTube video editor saves you a ton of time because it’s easy to learn, processes videos quickly and best of all it’s free. Here are 10 different ways to edit […]

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How To Use YouTube Creative Commons Videos To Make Your Own Video

make your own video on youtube

Do you want to quickly create a YouTube video without starting from scratch? Did you know that you can reuse creative commons video clips inside YouTube’s video editor to make your own videos within minutes? YouTube’s free online video editor allows you to quickly create a video for commercial use by using creative commons video […]

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How To Use Creative Commons Videos On YouTube – Top 5 Ways

creative commons videos

Stuck for some free video footage for your dog training video? Want spectacular big wave surfing footage for your next sports video? YouTube’s Creative commons licensed videos allows anyone, anywhere to remix and transform the videos for any purpose, even commercially. Here are 5 ways to use Creative Commons Videos On YouTube 1. Save time […]

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How To Get 13,000 Subscribers on YouTube – My Top 7 Ways

13000 subscribers on youtube

When I first started out on YouTube getting thousands of subscribers seemed impossible so I wanted to share with how I got 13,000 subscribers on my YouTube Channel. Here are my top 7 ways to get 13,000 YouTube Subscribers…. 1. Choose a niche you’re passionate about If you don’t love what you’re doing you’ll soon […]

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X Ranker 360 Review – Uncover Keywords That Will Rank Before Even Creating Your Video

x ranker 360 review

Do you want to stop wasting time and money creating a YouTube video without knowing if it will rank or not? X Ranker 360 is web-based software that will save you a ton of time and money by selecting the least difficult keywords to rank for, create a live event video for you in seconds, […]

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How To Contact YouTube Support On Your Mobile Phone

contact youtube support

Got a problem with your YouTube Channel and want to contact YouTube directly? YouTube says they’ll get back to you within 24 hours after receiving your message as long as you are a YouTube partner. You’ll can get support for Monetization & AdSense, Copyright & Content ID claims, Policy & Community Guidelines and Channel and […]

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How To Make A YouTube Video End Screen To Increase Views And Subscribers

youtube end screen

Do you want to get viewers to interact more with your YouTube videos? More interaction results in more views and subscribers. The YouTube end screen editor allows you to quickly and easily add mobile annotations to the end of your YouTube videos. For example you can get viewers to subscribe, watch a related video or […]

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How To Use B-roll To Spice Up Your YouTube Videos


Do your videos on YouTube keep viewers engaged? Are your viewers tired of watching boring videos? When you cut a way to scenes that relate to the content in your video it keeps viewers engaged. This is called B-roll or maybe referred to as a cut-a-way or visual cue. Here’s an example of how to […]

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How To Create A Stunning Ebook Or Lead Magnet Online In 30 seconds Without Writing A Single Word

create ebook online

Do you want to extend the reach of your audience? Do you want to create a beautiful ebook, report or lead magnet from your existing content? Designrr is a software tool that allows you to create beautiful ebooks or reports from your blog posts, web pages without the need to write any content. It removes […]

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7 Ways To Come Up With New YouTube Video Ideas For Beginners

youtube video ideas for beginners

Do you struggle to come up with new ideas for your videos on YouTube? Beginners on YouTube often upload videos based on what they think their audience likes. Instead you should research what your audience is interested in so your videos get more engagement. When you get more engagement you get more views and subscribers. […]

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