Thumbnail App For YouTube (works on iPhone & Android devices)

Have you ever wanted to make a YouTube thumbnail on your iPhone or Android device so you don’t have to be tethered to your computer? Watch the video below to discover how to create an attractive thumbnail using a thumbnail app for YouTube called Canva. The beauty of using the free Canva app is that […]

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Thumbnail Maker For YouTube (includes split testing)

youtube thumbnail maker

 Did you know that one billion hours of videos are watched every day on YouTube and 400 hours of videos are uploaded every minute? 70% of YouTube watch time is generated from mobile devices, so how on earth can you make your thumbnails stand out from your competitors? In the video below, I show you […]

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How To Auto Translate YouTube Videos With Community Contributions

auto translate youtube videos

Did you know that some YouTube channels will allow you to contribute translated titles, descriptions, subtitles, and closed captions for their videos? You can also get credit for the contributions for that video. They’ll be viewable on the YouTube watch page and by clicking the CC icon on the video player. Here are the requirements […]

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How To Translate YouTube Videos To English Subtitles Or Other Languages

translate youtube video subtitles

Do you want to know how to translate the subtitles and captions of someone else’s YouTube videos as well as your own videos so you can reach a global audience? If you translate your video into another language, then people who can’t understand the language that you speak can read the captions under your video. […]

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How To Translate YouTube Videos To Another Language (Get More Views)

translate youtube videos

Do you want to get more views to YouTube videos? Increasing the accessibility of your videos will increase watch time, reach and engagement. Watch the video below to discover how to translate your videos into another language, so you can reach a global audience. On average, two-thirds of your channel views come from outside your […]

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How To Block Content On YouTube (unwanted videos, channels, inappropriate comments, bad words, URLS)

block content on youtube

Are you tired of YouTube recommending content in your subscription feed that you don’t want to watch? Now you can do something about it by permanently blocking videos and channels on the YouTube homepage. View the image below from the YouTube app which says I can block the channel and YouTube won’t recommend this channel […]

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How To Add A Subscribe Button / Watermark To All Videos On Your YouTube Channel

subscribe watermark youtube

If you want to get more subscribers on YouTube in less than three minutes, watch the video below on how to add a subscribe button or watermark to all videos on your YouTube channel. The subscribe watermark appears at the bottom right of all your videos. When viewers hover over the watermark, a subscribe button […]

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My YouTube Subscribers Are Not Increasing And How To Fix It

my youtube subscribers are not increasing

Are you struggling to grow your YouTube channel? My YouTube subscribers’ not increasing…it seems like people have stopped subscribing. What am I doing wrong? These are just some of the questions that YouTube creators are struggling with when it comes to growing their channel. In the video below , you’ll discover 10 ways to attract […]

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How To Use YouTube To Get Leads And Grow Your Email List On Autopilot

Are you a business or product owner that’s struggling to generate leads for your business or product? Do you want to create an automated lead generation machine? Watch the video below to learn how to use YouTube to get leads 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year after year, on autopilot. Why use […]

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YouTube Settings You Should Know About To Get More Views And Subscribers

youtube setting you should know about

Watch the video below to discover the 7 YouTube settings you should know about to get more views and subscribers, plus you’ll save a tone of time managing your channel. Upload defaults. Did you know that you can add a default description across all the videos on your channel? Once you’ve got it set up, […]

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