How To Set-Up Placements Targeting For YouTube Video Ads

  • Do you want to increase the conversion
    rates for your YouTube Ads?
  • Placements enable you to place your YouTube Video Ad
    in front of your competitor’s video.

For example if your competitor’s video gets 4 million views your video will play for a few seconds before their video starts playing. If your viewer clicks on your video ad within the first 30 seconds you don’t pay a cent.

Instead of losing money playing your video in front of unrelated videos you can play your video in front of specific videos using Placements.

Placements allow you to include video ads on YouTube Channels,
YouTube Videos and websites in the Google Display Network.

Here’s how to set-up Placements Targeting:

Watch the video below…

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  • Go to “all video campaigns”
  • I am going to select the Test 2 campaign
  • Click on targets and as you can see I’ve got a couple of targets set up.
  • To create a new targeting group just click on
    the plus sign give it a name ie “Placement 3”
  • I’ve got my video “VideoAd 2”
  • Enter the cost per view in this case I’m going to enter 6 cents
  • And over on the right it shows you how many views per day
    and your average cost per view…4 cents
  • Then I am going to skip the demographic and interests
  • I’m going to click on “narrow your targeting options”
  • Click on “placements”
  • I can add the videos manually or I can search for
    suggestions so let’s click on “search for suggestions”
  • Let’s look at “dog training”…it can be the main keyword
  • I’ve YouTube can see all the videos listed
  • And I’ve got GDN placements which is the Google Display Network
  • So I am just going to choose the YouTube Video Ad Placements
  • Here you can see I’ve got the video “Zak George’s Dog Training”
    so I can add that one.
  • If I want to check out the video just open up a new tab and
    visit the YouTube channel for “Zak’s dog training revolution”
  • Now If I want to check out all his videos just click on “videos”
  • Click on the drop down
  • Select “most popular”
  • Here you can see in one year this video got 717,000 views
  • Another video got 595,000 in one year 164,000 in one year.
  • All these are very popular videos that can be selected
  • So if I click on the video I can see that the video playing
    before that actual video so I know that it is monetized
  • So I can just highlight the URL, copy it, then place it in manual placements
  • And I can select another video….”how to train a puppy not to bite”
  • Add the video to the placements targeting box
  • Then just click “add all” to add all the videos
  • Click “done”
  • Click “save targeting group” to continue.

Now you can see I’ve got my new targeting group “Placement 3” cost per view 6 cents. I didn’t touch gender or interest and all my placements are listed. I can add up to 500 different placements.

That’s it!

Here are 3 important things to keep in mind:

1. You can create multiple targeting groups in a video ads campaign.
2. A targeting group can be tied to more than one individual ad
and an ad can be tied to more than one targeting group.
3. For example Placements can be one targeting group & keywords
can be another targeting group.

Now you know How To Set-Up Placements Targeting
For Your YouTube Video Ads.

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