Podcasting – Convert Your Articles Into a Podcast & Gain Massive Traffic Part 2

Part 2

For the past few years I’ve written and submitted articles to attract traffic to my web sites. This still works very well however Podcasting offers an additional method to reach more customers. It’s very effective because you deliver the same content using audio or video. This is great for those that wish to listen or watch content rather than read it.

6. Attracts the search engines

There are many podcasting directories you can submit your podcast to. These directories attract millions of visitors so you will see a great increase in traffic when the search engines find you.

7. Branding

Reaching a wider audience helps brand your product or service in the mind of your customers.

8. Greater level of expertise

Customers who usually receive written content from your web site or articles will recognize you as an authority on your subject because you are leveraging another form of media.

9. High level of efficiency

Customers download your podcast on an opt-in basis. This means you can build a very targeted audience that will respond to your marketing messages and purchase more of your products.

10. Exciting new technology

People are tired of text ads and banners. Podcasting is a fresh medium that can be entertaining and informative.


If you add podcasting to your marketing strategies you will reach a wider audience, build more backlinks and increase traffic to your web site.


Podcasting In About An Hour – Training Videos

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