Podcasting – Convert Your Articles into a Podcast to Gain Massive Traffic

Part 1

Submitting your articles to article syndication sites limits the amount of traffic you receive because you are only using one marketing strategy. What if this strategy no longer works? Podcasting is a great way to repurpose the content from your articles.

What is Podcasting?

Podcasting is where audio and video programs are delivered to customers via RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and are played back using portable media players and personal computers.

Benefits of Podcasting

1. Another method to distribute content to your customers

Not all customers like to read content online. Some like prefer to listen or view it. Podcasting helps you to reach a wider audience than written content. It can be delivered easily and quickly. Instead of just using your fingers to write content, you can now use your own voice as well.

2. Take with you anywhere

Your audience is not defined by geographic boundaries. A podcast can be listened or watched at any time because it can be downloaded to a portable media player (e.g., iPod). There is no need to sit at your computer-you can listen to it while driving or walking.

3. Easy to create

All you need is a recorder to tape your voice. You can record your voice anywhere at any time. Create the podcast cheaply by using the microphone that comes with your computer and free software (i.e., audacity is a free download). Podcasts can be as short as 5 minutes or as long as 20 minutes (e.g., talk show).

4. Inexpensive

You can create a podcast without buying any equipment as explained in the previous point. If you will be doing a lot of podcasting, at least purchase a decent microphone. Your podcasts will sound so much better.

5. Relatively new medium

Most marketers don’t use podcasting yet to market their web sites. If you take action now you will be ahead of your competitors.

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