Podcasting In About An Hour – Training Videos

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Podcasting In About An Hour

What is Podcasting?

Podcasting is a new type of online media delivery. You publish selected audio files via the internet and allow your users to subscribe via an RSS feed to automatically receive new files. Podcasting lets you create your own syndicated online talkshow or radio program, with content of your choosing.

Here’s an outline of the set of training videos you will receive:

Introduction and Definition of Podcasting

Hardware & Software
– Internal vs External Microphones
– Audacity for recording
– Podcast Generator for podcast publishing

Format Your Podcast
– Topic, Length, Style, Delivery Schedule

Finding Content
– Search engine mining
– Public domain materials including government sources

Recording the Parts
– Create multiple generic segments to use over and over
– Save high-quality for possible CD production later
– Save low-quality MP3 for downloading

– Editing the interview
– Legal info about recording phone calls

Putting the Parts Together
– Where to get royalty-free intro/outro music

Publishing Your Podcast
– How use Podcast Generator to publish your podcast

Promoting Your Podcast
– Using podcast directories to get listeners and traffic

Your Podcast on iTunes
– The fast and easy way to get your podcast on iTunes

You can receive the whole series of videos on a CD, so you don’t even have to download anything to your computer.

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