Product Test Marketing Using Google AdWords

How do you know if your product will be profitable?
What keywords are people using to find your product?
What web copy will convert customers to buyers?

95% of marketers haven’t done any test marketing before developing their product. They invest a lot of time and money without knowing if it will be profitable. Instead of testing beforehand they continue to spend money on marketing hoping their product will fly.

One of best ways to quickly and easily test the profitability of your product is to create a Google AdWords campaign. These are ads that run down the right side of Google’s result pages. Google AdWords enables you to test specific keywords targeting a specific product.

Benefits of Google AdWords

  • Ads get immediately displayed on the front page of Google
  • Control how much you want to spend on each click
  • Control your daily budget
  • Target geographic areas (ie city, state, region)
  • Target time of day
  • Track click through rates
  • Control ad position

You can set-up a Google AdWords campaign in a few minutes by following these simple steps:

1. Set-up a Google AdWords account
2. Do keyword research using the Google keyword tool
3. Create 2 different ads to split test them (to see which one works best)
4. Create a landing page that contains your product sales page

The purpose of split testing your ads

The purpose of split testing your ads is to find the one that gets the best click through rate (CTR). This means it receives the most clicks. The best performing ad is your control ad, the other is your test ad. Continually change your test ad so it out-performs your control ad. To create a better ad try different headlines, keywords, etc.

The purpose of testing your landing pages

Your ad should redirect people to your landing pages. Your landing page could be an opt-in page (where they opt-in to receive a free report) or a sales page where they purchase your product. To increase the conversion rates of your landing page you should also test different headlines, web copy, designs, etc.

By testing different keywords, ad copy and web copy you’ll get a clearer idea what works before investing time and money developing your product. You can use the same keywords and copy in all your marketing materials confidently knowing they have been tested. This is much better than guessing or hoping your product will fly only to realize later that there was no interest or demand.

Action step
Write a short report about your product and then set-up a Google AdWords campaign to test if their is a market for it. You’ll save yourself a lot of frustration.

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