Sales Letter – How to Split Test Your Sales Page to Improve Conversion Rates

How do you know if your sales letter or web page is converting viewers into buyers?

You could ask some of your friends and each could have a different opinion of what headline design to use. That’s not a very solid method of testing. A more scientific way is to split test your sales letter. This is also called A/B testing.

A split test is when visitors get sent to two versions of your sales letter or web page. It creates 2 different versions of your page. One would be your control page (index.html) and the other your test page (index2.html).

Steps for Creating Your Split Test Page.

1. Create your sales letter page

You must have a live web site which you drive traffic to.

2. Tracking software

I use Adtrackz to split test my web pages. Adtrackz creates one split test link. You then direct visitors to this link. Adtrackz will automatically split visitors between index1.html and index2.html. If your visitor orders, you will know which version of the sales page produced the sale.

3. Change one factor on the test page.

Only test one thing at a time then observe the affects. Factors test may include:

first paragraph
header graphic

4. Analyze your results

After generating traffic to your split test page (you can use Google AdWords for this) you can determine which version performed the best. In Adtrackz you click on Split Test Statistics in the Split Test menu.

Continue testing different factors of your sales letter to increase conversion rates and make more sales. Creating a Split Test is the best way to quickly see what works and what doesn’t.

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  1. Do you have any tests you could share/upload to A/B Tests?

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