Shopp – Review of Ecommerce Plugin for WordPress

shopp ecommerce plugin for wordpress

Want to build a professional ecommerce website?

Want to sell 1000s of items or just a few?

Looking for an ecommerce plugin that integrates seamlessly with WordPress?

Then look no further than the Shopp Ecommerce Plugin for WordPress. Read about all the features in my article…Which plugin is best to build your online store

Here are my top 10 reasons for investing $55.00 to purchase the Shopp ecommerce plugin for WordPress

1. Inexpensive

Although the plugin is not free it contains many must-have features needed to build an online store. A single license costs $55.00 however you can also build a second store to use as a development site for testing. The single license applies to the site you will activate with an activation code.

A developer’s license costs $299.00. This allows you to use the cart on an unlimited number of sites without paying extra. If you already purchased a single license the developer’s license will only cost $259.00.

2. Easy installation

If you’re already familiar with how WordPress works then you’ll be able to install the plugin within a few minutes. Simply upload the plugin to your plugin directory then activate it in your WordPress dashboard. It will instantly generate 4 pages (store, checkout, cart, your orders) that automatically integrate with your theme.

3. Quick set-up

Your set-up speed will depend if you’ve already prepared your product information ahead of time. If so you can quickly fill in all the necessary settings.

Here’s what you need for your Shopp product settings:

Description, SKU number, images, tax rate, shipping and handling fee, delivery time, number of products in inventory, method of shipping (ie UPS), payment method (ie Paypal)

After you’ve completed all the settings, create your categories then add your products. Make sure you check the correct category for each product.

6. Built-in client support

One of the most frustrating and time consuming tasks for a designer is showing your client how the shopping cart works (e.g. add, edit, delete products). When adding products, Shopp includes a small help icon in the form of a question mark beside each heading. When you click on the icon a screen cast video will play a tutorial. This saves you a lot of time and confusion explaining to your client how to add products to his or her store.

7. Online documentation and support

Shopp includes comprehensive documentation however you may have to read over it several times to understand what you need to do. They also have an active forum (only available to people who have purchased the plugin) where questions get answered within a few hours or less. Customization questions are not always answered so you’re on your own unless you want to pay for priority support ($49-$199/incident).

8. Multiple add-ons

Several add-ons help increase the functionality of your online store. For example if you’re selling hard goods which require shipping you’ll need to purchase a UPS Service Rates, USPS Rates, or FedEx Rates Module for $25.00. If you want to use as your payment gateway (instead of PayPal) the add-on also costs $25.00.

9. Easy customization

How easy the customization is depends on how familiar you are with WordPress, PHP, HTML and what theme you use. I recommend reading the documentation and searching the forums before asking customization questions. It will save you a lot of time and frustration.

One of the easiest customizations is to install the template files (included in the Shopp Plugin Folder) in your theme folder. You can then use short codes to customize the appearance of your Shopp pages (ie add a drop down list of categories on your Shop page for easy navigation).

10. Beautiful image displays

Shopp creates thumbnails of your products images. If you have more than one image of your product it will display them as a gallery. When you click on an image it displays the full size in a dynamic way (fills your whole screen). Double clicking on an image enables you to optimize it for the search engines (ie add a title and alt tag).

Whether you’re a store owner who wants to sell products online or a web designer who needs a robust ecommerce platform for your clients, get the Shopp Ecommerce Plugin for WordPress.

You’ll be glad you did!

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