Simple Video Management System Plugin Review & Demo

Do you want to quickly and easily add videos
to your blog or websites?

Do you want an easy way to store all your videos in one place?

Check out the video review & demo of
Simple Video Management System Plugin

[s3vpp id=be8ffd22987c1747e636dbe142178f46]

After you create awesome videos, what do you do with them?

Embedding YouTube videos with the YouTube player is not a great answer
because, YouTube drags in all that other stuff…

Most video player plug-ins don’t have marketers in mind
with their special needs…

And organizing your videos from multiple storage sites can be a real nightmare…

Wouldn’t it be great if your video player…

  1. Worked in ALL browsers all the time
  2. Displayed buy buttons and sales pages when YOU
    wanted it to as the video plays.
  3. Worked with Amazon S3, Rackspace, Liquid Web or
    other cloud-based streaming systems.
  4. Displayed Youtube videos without all the Youtube stuff at the end.
  5. Redirected to a specific page at the end of the video.
  6. Integrated with the WordPress WYSIWYG
  7. Tracked pages and posts where videos were being used.
  8. Sorted and searched videos based on name and / or date

Here are 5 ways to use the Simple Video Management System Plugin

  1. Display multiple videos in a grid on a page as a video gallery
  2. Create a bridge page to redirect visitors to affiliate offers
  3. Add a video to sales page with a “magic” buy button that
    appears after one minute into the video
  4. Easily add videos to my membership website.

Here are 2 things that could or are going to be improved:

  1. Ability for videos to enlarge to full size when displayed in a grid.
  2. Create secure video links so people can’t steal the bandwidth.

My recommendation

If you do any kind of video marketing, grab this plugin. It will help organize all your videos in one place, easily add videos to any page (even outside WordPress) and help you promote affiliate offers by using video bridge pages.

Grab you copy of Simple Management System Plugin NOW at:

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