Stop Missing Out: Discover 6 New Ways To Make YouTube Shorts

Do you want to take your Shorts to the next level so you can grow your channel fast? 

YouTube shorts are now being watched by over 6 billion users every month, and YouTube is introducing 6 new ways to create shorts on YouTube.

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Here are 6 new ways to level up your YouTube Shorts.

  1. Remix with Collab.
    Collab is a new creation tool that lets you record a short in a side-by-side format, using other YouTube videos or Shorts. 

    You just need to tap “remix”, then “collab” to remix an eligible video or short. 
  2. New effects and stickers.
    YouTube has added dozens of new stickers and effects over the last few months, so you can add new creative effects to your shorts. 

    For example, they’ll soon start rolling out a new Q & A sticker so you can ask your audience questions and get responses right there in the comments. Keep in mind, you can also reply to comments with a Short. 

    Click here to watch my video on how to reply to comments using a Short. 
  3. Go live and get discovered on Shorts.
    YouTube is testing a mobile first vertical live experience. This will allow creators to go live and get discovered right in the shorts feed. Viewers in this test will see previews of vertical live videos mixed into the shorts feed. If someone taps into this experience, they’ll be placed in a scrollable feed of other live videos.

    Just make sure that when you go live, your camera is in a vertical orientation. With this new live experience, you’ll be able to get discovered in more places.
  4. Streamline your video creation with Suggestions.
    This new suggestion feature automatically bundles the audio and effect from the Short you are remixing. 

    From the shorts player, Tap the remix button, then tap “use sound”.

    YouTube will automatically surface the same timestamp from the short video you just watched, and the same effect as a creation suggestion. You can always mix and match to make it your own.
  5. Save Shorts to playlists.
    YouTube recently introduced an option to save shorts to playlists, so if you find a shorts in your shorts feed that you really love, you can immediately save it to a playlist. This will make it easier for you to find that short or shorts that you’ve saved to the playlist, when inspiration strikes. 
  6. Easily transform your horizontal videos into Shorts.
    Up to now, it’s been difficult to transform your long form videos into shorts using a remix tool, but YouTube is adding new recomposition tools.

    Once you choose a long-form video to remix, you’ll be able to adjust the layout, zoom and crop of the video segment.

    Split screen Effects will also be available so you can preserve key parts of your long form content to create more engaging and original YouTube shorts.

    Watch this video to learn “How to Upload a Short From Your PC” It has accumulated almost a million views.

Get My New Shorts CourseMastering YouTube Shorts: The Complete Guide
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