Marketing Articles – Benefits of Submitting Blog Posts to Article Directories

marketing articles
If you have an online business you need to constantly market it to attract web traffic. Article marketing is one of the best strategies for creating content that produces a constant stream of traffic. For example if one article achieves a top ranking in the search engines it will keep driving traffic to your site as long as it maintains its rankings.

If you’ve been blogging for a while you probably have blog posts (articles) written years ago that can be submitted to article directories. Look through your blog archives and select articles that contain valuable content for your readers.

Benefits of submitting blog posts to article directories

1. Reach a larger audience

Content on your blog gets read by people finding your blog through your newsletter, RSS feed, search engines or social media sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. The top article directories such as ezinearticles receive over one million visitors a day. Submitting your blog article to them enables you to receive some of that traffic. If an ezine publisher selects your article from the directory and publishes it in an ezine with 1000s of subscribers you’ll receive an instant boost in web traffic.

2. Build backlinks to your web site

Receiving quality backlinks boosts your search engine rankings. Including a link back to your web site in the resource box at the end of your article redirects visitors from the directory to your site.

3. Increase presence of low ranking blog articles

If you check your web site statistics you’ll find certain keywords attain high rankings and get lots of traffic whereas many of them don’t rank at all. This is because blog posts generally have little or no links pointing to them. To help them get better traction in the search engines link to those articles within your article resource box using anchor text (hyperlinked keyword). This will improve the traffic to your blog.

Action step
Find 10 blog articles, submit them to ezinearticles and link back to your blog in the resource box then monitor your statistics for a month.

You will be pleasantly surprised.

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Article Marketing – How to Get the Most Web Traffic From Your Articles

Article marketing is only effective if you are able to do it on consistent basis. You can’t expect to get much traffic if you write and submit one article a month. Well….you would if it was miraculously published by an ezine owner with 10,000 subscribers but there are better methods for achieving success with articles.

Top 10 places to submit your article

1. Submit to the top article directory

Ezine articles dot com is currently the directory that gets the most traffic so submit your article to them first. It may be published by ezine owners looking for new content. It may be read by visitors to the ezinearticles web site (because your article is rotated on the front page with others). It may be viewed by folks that subscribe to their RSS feeds.

2. Submit to other top article directories

If you don’t have time to modify your article submit it anyway to the other top article directories. You won’t get as much traffic if using the same content but you can capitalize on the link juice you receive by including your keywords in the anchor text of the resource box at the end of the article. Modify your anchor text when submitting to many article directories.

3. Include it on your web site

You need to add content to your web site or blog continuously so search engines will visit it and readers receive fresh content. Even if you have a static site, create a section for articles or attach a blog to it.

If your web site gets spidered quickly by the search engines you might place your article here first then submit to the article directories after a few days. This will allow the search engines to spider your site first and rank first for that article.

Alternatively write 2 different articles, one for your web site and another for the directories so you will benefit from both methods and receive more traffic with the extra work.

4. Submit to individual ezine publishers

Create a list of ezine publishers related to your niche by entering ezines+keyword in the Google search box. Every time you write a new article send it to this list. If it’s high quality content that subscribers will find useful you will get lots of new traffic.

5. Article swap

Ask article writers within your niche if they wish to swap articles with you. This means you will publish their article in your ezine if they publish your article in theirs. It creates a win-win situation for both of you.

Points 6-10 will be included in my next post

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Article Marketing System – Why Your Article Gets an Immediate Traffic Boost Upon Submission

When you submit your article to an article directory you often set it and forget it hoping that some ezine publisher will include it in his ezine or newsletter and gets indexed by the search engines. This is only a partial view of what happens. You often receive an immediate boost in visitors when you send in your article.

Here’s a description why this occurs:

A day in the life of a new approved article:

1. You send in an article.

2. We approve and publish it.

3. We send it to our RSS feeds in real-time and your article gets read by folks who view our site in their favorite RSS reader. A select group of approved RSS publishers publish your title, summary and a link back to the full article, giving it more traffic.

4. We make it available to our new XML keyword search partners that return keyword search results of the most recent articles submitted as we can only display 10-25 usually for them… hence, the newest articles get listed first.

5. Your article gets included in the recently submitted articles in the category you selected until it gets bumped out of the list. That means other articles from your fellow authors help bring traffic to your article for about 20-35 position movements.

6. Your article get promoted to our proprietary email alert lists and this brings more traffic to your articles.

7. The search engines discover your article and give you an initial ranking. A few days to a few weeks later, your position in their indexes settles due to intense competition for the top.

8. In our category views, we list the newest articles on top and the oldest near the bottom. This is designed to encourage you to send in a continual flow of articles while giving our web surfers the freshest content.

Herman Drost is the Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW)
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Article Submission Frequency – How Often Should You Submit to Article Directories

It’s been proven that submitting to Article Directories will guarantee an increase in web traffic to your web site. If you only submit an article once a month it’s not going to help attract traffic. You need to submit several articles on a consistent basis to build a continuous stream of traffic.

Article Submission Frequency

1. If you have a bunch of articles stored on your hard drive it’s more effective to submit them all at once rather than spreading them out over a period of time. My experience shows I get more visitors if I submit 3 articles at the same time instead of one at a time.

2. If you want to receive a lot of traffic, submit a minimum of 5-20 articles per week, every week. If you can’t produce this many articles write 1-5 articles per week for the first 3-4 months. Evaluate the results at the end of this period. The top article directories (i.e., ezine articles) produce statistics that show how many people read articles. If you find this strategy effective you can then boost your results by increasing your submission frequency.

3. If you own many web sites it will be difficult to write many articles for each niche. My recommendation is to focus on one niche unless you have lots of time and are a fast writer. Focusing on one niche allows you to concentrate your thoughts better and make it easier to generate multiple articles.

Herman Drost is the Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW)
owner and author of Web Site Design, Search Engine Optimization, Hosting

Receive fresh, in-depth articles articles on how to design, optimize and promote your web site by subscribing to his “Marketing Tips” newsletter at: