Autoresponders: How to Build Your List with an Autoresponder

building email list with autoresponders

Bill had been making sales from his website for several years because it consistently ranked on the first page of Google. One day Google changed their ranking formula and his site suddenly lost it’s top ranking. Sales stopped coming in and he could no longer pay his bills.

If he had built a large list of customers he would still have been able to make sales. Autoresponders are one of the best ways to grow, take care and market your list.

How Autoresponders Work

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How Autoresponders Can Double Your Product Sales


John operates a clothing store online. Recently his sales dropped due a struggling economy. People are being more careful about spending their money. He has a sign up form on his website and manually sends emails to his subscribers whenever he has time and is motivated to do so. It’s a laborious process so it doesn’t get done very often. Therefore his customers only receive emails every so often. He wants to automate his email delivery process so he can double his sales so he invests in autoresponder software.

Definition of Autoresponders

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7 Ways Autoresponders Build Your Business

For the last 10 years I’ve not used autoresponders to help build my business. I’ve often received a series of autoresponder messages after filling in an opt-in form, or from purchasing a product. I’ve listened to teleseminars, bought ebooks and watched videos but never decided to purchase autoresponder software. Maybe you were or are still in the same boat.

ways autoresponders build your business

My 3 main reasons for not using autoresponders included:

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How Autoresponders Build Relationships With Your Customers

Let me ask you a question about your buying habits: do you usually buy a product on your first visit or do you buy it after several visits?

When shopping online it’s very easy to comparison shop or get distracted by surfing other websites. Most internet users won’t purchase something on the first visit unless they know exactly what they want or get mesmerized by a great sales letter (how often have you bought something and never used it?)

How Autoresponders Build Relationships With Your Customers

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What is an Autoresponder and how will it benefit your online business

  • How often do you buy something online at first glance?
  • Do you often purchase a product after you’ve received several reminders?
  • Do you want to automate your email marketing messages?

Online marketers lose many of their customers because they try to make a sale on first contact. For example they direct the customer to a sales page hoping they’ll buy their product. If the customer leaves without buying anything they lose the customer forever. Instead if they had got their email address and sent them a series of follow-up messages they would increase their sales. This is because most people don’t purchase a product the first time they read or hear about it.

What is an autoresponder?

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Sales Page Strategies – Which Model Works Best to Sell Your Ebook?

Have you ever faced the dilemma of where to place the sales page of your ebook?

It’s worth putting some thought into it because you want to attract as many buyers as possible. Alot will depend upon what you already have in place. For example my main web design site ranks well for numerous keyword phrases and gets lots of traffic (approx.29,000/month). My web design discussion blog gets approx. 10,000/month so I could use both of these resources to drive traffic to a sales page on its own domain.

If you don’t have a web site you could create a blog and drive traffic to the sales page or create a one page web site that uses an opt-in form to capture subscribers that can be converted into buyers later.

Here is a run down on the different sales page strategies:

1. Opt-in form on sales page

This method gets visitors to subscribe before you offer them your ebook. The idea behind this is to create a large list of potential buyers that you can offer your ebook to and continue to sell to them.

The opt-in form is usually in the form of a squeeze page meaning they have no alternative but to fill in their name and address
to receive a free report or newsletter. Many marketers use this method because they think if people don’t subscribe then they won’t buy anything.

The various kinds of opt-in forms include pop-ups, pop-ins, pop-in after they leave, drop-ins or autoresponders.


After a person opts-in they receive a series of follow-up messages with each one of them introducing your ebook. Only a few people purchase a product from one exposure so the follow-up messages expose them to your product serveral times giving several opportunities to purchase.

2. Sales page with download link on thank you page

When the person purchases your ebook from the sales page they get taken to a thank you page that asks them for their name and email address. They receive the download page after submitting the form. This enables you to capture their contact information and makes sure they have no troubles with the download. You could create an upsell product on this thank you page because they are already in a buying mood.

3. Sales page as the blog home page

Visitors would immediately be presented with this page when arriving at your site. This method would be best for people who have read one of your articles so they have been prepared with knowledge about your ebook.

You could build traffic to the blog with lots of targeted content related to your ebook topic. Your ebook could be exposed to visitors on every page.

The downside of this method is that you are asking them to buy without preparation especially if this is the first exposure to your product.

Which Model Works Best For You?

Part 2 of Sales Page Strategies can be read in my next post

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