Article Writing – 7 Benefits for Creating Sets of Articles

A few years ago I used to receive a ton of traffic from article directories by just writing and submitting one article. Times have changed. You now need to write a lot more articles to receive the same amount of traffic. One way to easily increase your article volume is to write sets of articles.

Benefits for creating sets of articles

1. Generates more content

A series of articles contain more content than a single one, therefore you can submit more articles for publication and attract more visitors.

2. Produce unique content

It’s difficult to rewrite an article you’ve written because you easily get tired of looking at the same content. It’s easier to create one long article on a particular theme, then break it into several shorter articles with unique titles.

3. Quality content

More thought is required to write sets of articles. This means your content will be more in-depth thus providing more value to your readers.

4. Build long-term relationships

It requires many conversations to make a good friend. Deep conversations can shorten the time to develop deep relationships. Writing a series of articles is like having a deep conversation with your reader because you can convey more in-depth information about your topic.

5. Article syndication sites prefer sets of articles

I often look for related articles when I’ve finished reading quality content. If you submit a collection of articles on the same theme or topic readers will recognize you as an authority on this subject.

6. More content to repurpose

Web sites, videos, podcasts, ecourses, teleseminars all require lots of content. Sets of articles provide lots of content you can repurpose into types of media.

7. Develop a better writing style

The more you write the better writer you become. Developing your own unique writing style will make your content stand out from 1000s of other articles many of which are poorly written.

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