One Way Link Building – Top 7 Benefits

If you want your web site to gain high rankings in the search engines you need lots of links pointing to it from other sites. This is not going to happen by just building a site and uploading it to the Web. The ideal link is a one way link because you don’t have to reciprocate by also placing a link on your own site as in a link exchange.

Benefits of one way link building

1. No need to exchange links

Link exchanges can be frustrating and very time consuming because you need to find the right sites to exchange links with plus the response may be little or nothing. Most site owners delete these requests.

2. Keyword targeting

Internet users enter keywords in the search engines to find information. Targeting your specific keyword in the text of your one way link (known as anchor text) will increase your search engine visibility.

3. Branding

If you want to build brand awareness for your business name use it in the anchor text of your article resource box or when commenting on other blogs and forums.

4. Gain authority status

As you receive more backlinks, you attract more visitors. Over time your site will become known as the “go to” site for information on your topic. If your site appears on the first page of the search engine results’ pages, people will find it naturally when searching on your targeted keyword or business name.

5. Increase search engine rankings

Your site’s rankings increase in proportion to the number of links pointing to it. The more links you receive from other sites, the higher your rankings.

6. Boost web traffic

The number of visitors will increase because you are getting traffic from a variety of web site links. For example, if you get a one way link from a high traffic site some of their visitors will be redirected to your site. If your article gets posted on a popular site or ezine you may receive a sudden flood of visitors. If it remains there you’ll receive an ongoing source of traffic.

7. Receive return visitors

Visitors keep returning to your web site when there is new information that helps their business. Building lots of one way links will attract them to your site. If you want to keep them there, provide evergreen content. If it’s high quality content they will want to share it with other business owners.

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