Build a Business Not Just A Pretty Website

Many business owners are told to build a pretty website to market their business so they pay 1000s of dollars to a website designer then wait for the business to pour in. After several weeks or months of receiving no new leads from their website they conclude it was a waste of time and money.

Where did they go wrong?

They built a website not a business. For a site to be profitable it needs to be functional. A great design doesn’t mean you’ll attract visitors. For example, you’ve probably seen flash websites displaying a dramatic flash presentation before you enter the site. They usually give you the option of skipping the introduction by including a link that says “skip introduction.” The problem with this type of site is that the search engines don’t spider flash content. They only spider text. This means your site won’t attain high rankings resulting in little traffic and leads.

Build a business not just a pretty website

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