Does Website Size Affect Its Authority In Google?

I often ask myself or my client the question: “What is the purpose of your website?” Is it to just to get more traffic? If so, what do you want to do with that traffic…sign up more subscribers or purchase your products? After you’ve established a clear purpose then what method have you implemented on your website to get subscribers or sell products?

For example you need to create an opt-in form on your web page as an incentive for visitors to sign up to your list so you can send them a series of autoresponder follow-up messages.

Alternatively if you want to sell a product you need to send traffic to a great landing page that points out its most important benefits.

If you’re building an authority site for a specific niche and want to place Adsense Ads on it you’ll need lots of original content.

Does Website Size Affect Its Authority In Google?

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