Google Search Results – How to Get Double Listings in Google

Would you like to get a double listing for your web site in the Google search results pages?

Google usually only lists one page in it’s top 10 listings however there is a way to get a second indented listing using the tactics listed below.

What are Google indented listings?

This is when a second listing is placed beneath the first one in indented form. You can therefore receive a double listing for the same web site. Most site owners are unware of this strategy so you can move ahead of your competition.

Here’s what Google says:

“When Google finds multiple results from the same website, the most relevant result is listed first, with other relevant pages from that site indented below it.”

Benefits of double listings in Google

Pushes competitors listings down

If your web page is listed in the top 10 results and you get a double listing it will push all the results
down. If a competitor is listed number 10 on the page he will be moved to the second page and no longer appear in the top 10.

Attract more visitors to your web site

If you have 2 listings on the first page of Google you will own 20% of the listings instead of 10%. This means you have doubled your chances of people clicking on the links to your web pages.

Generate more traffic

Most visitors only view the resuts of their searches on the first page of Google. Capturing double listings will drive more traffic to your web site.

How to achieve double listings for your keywords

1. Your web page must have a top 10 ranking for your keyword

Your web page must already be listed in the top 10 results (first page) of Google. If you aren’t there yet work on getting more links to that page.

2. Create another web page with alternative content

This web page should be created on the same web site and link to the page that has the top 10 listing. Optimize your second page for the same keyword as page your first page however create different content for it.

3. Link your second page to the first page

Both pages need to be linked to each other to achieve a double listing.

4. Link your first page to the second page in the anchor text

Use the keyword phrase in your anchor text on the first page to link to the second page. Try to use the anchor text within your content instead of your navigation bar.

5. Get inbound links to the second page

Get links from other sites to point to your second page. If possible use the keyword phrase in the anchor text of these links. This type of link carries more weight than just using a URL.

Search for all the pages on your web site that already have a top 10 listing in Google then follow the steps outlined above to get a double listing. You’ll receive more clicks, traffic and sales.


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