Article Marketing – Why you receive an immediate traffic boost with articles

Article marketing is not only a good strategy to consistently receive visitors over a long period of time. You also receive an instant boost of traffic immediately after you’ve finished submitting it.

Here’s how you receive immediate traffic:

1. Articles that have been recently approved

As articles are approved by the editors at EzineArticles they appear on the homepage. This means ezine publishers can quickly find an article to place in their publications.

2. Email Alerts

You can sign up to receive email alerts for new articles that appear in the category you selected. If you wrote and submitted an article in that category you will see it. EzineArticles receives millions of visitors many of which have signed up for email alerts.

3. RSS Feeds

Articles get sent to RSS feeds in real-time and gets read by people who view the EzineArticles web site in their RSS reader. A summary of your article and a link back to your site are displayed in the reader thus sending you more web traffic.

4. Spidered by search engines

EzineArticles is the most popular article directory on the Net because it receives the most visitors. Your article often appears instantly at the top of the search engine results after it has been approved for publication.

5. Newest articles are the first to get listed

Fresh articles receive a traffic boost because they appear first in category views. The older ones are moved to the bottom


If you want to receive immediate and long term traffic from your articles, increase the volume of submissions. The more you write the more traffic you receive.

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